Lovely Bubbly Valentines Day Cards for Kids


Do you like to use bubble wrap in your arts and crafts? Have you tried printing with it before? We are bubble wrap mad over here at Crafty Kids at Home and have been busy printing lovely bubbly hearts onto the front of Valentine’s Day cards.

bubble wrap valentines day cards for kids

We are delighted to be taking part in Emma Owl’s  14 Days of Love Blog Tour, with our quick and easy Lovely Bubbly Bubble Wrap Valentine’s Day cards. I made them with my toddler daughter, but they are great fun for kids of all ages to get stuck into.

Mix up our Lovely Bubbly Love Potion Play 

How to make a Lovely Bubbly Bubble Wrap Valentine’s Day Card for Kids

These cards are made using one of our favourite recyclable crafting materials, bubble wrap. This is used to print a lovely bubbly pattern onto the front of a Valentine’s Card.


Bubble wrap
Strong cardboard
Marker pen
Pink or red paint
Plain white card folded in half to form your card
Tissue Paper

To make the bubble wrap heart stamp, glue a sheet of bubble wrap
onto a piece of strong cardboard.

Draw a heart shape onto the bubble wrap with a marker. Use sharp
scissors cut this shape out. This is best done by an adult.

Paint red or pink paint all over the bubble wrap.

painting a bubble wrap heart to go onto a valentines day card

Then stamp this onto a sheet of white paper.

printing bubble wrap hearts onto a valentines day card

Once dry cut out the best of the printed hearts.

Cut out a square of tissue paper a little larger than your heart. Glue this
onto the centre of your card.

Glue your bubble wrap heart into the centre of the tissue paper.

Add on the message “You are Lovely Bubbly” and write your secret message inside.

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