Make Fractions Fun with Chocolate


How would you prefer to learn about Fractions? Colouring in a picture of a chocolate bar or getting hands on with the real thing? We took the hands on approach with my son’s Maths homework this week, to make Fractions Fun for him (and provide a mid afternoon energy boost for mum!)make fractions fun with chocolate


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Ahead of the activity

Mark out the first paper plate as 1 whole, divide the second into 2 halves and the final paper plate into 4 quarters.

Break a chunk of 8 chocolate squares from a bar of chocolate (or 10 and quickly nibble on the two extra before the kids notice) or count out 8 chocolate buttons.

How to make Fractions Fun with Chocolate

what is a fraction graphic

We began by looking at the whole piece of chocolate and placing this onto the paper plate marked 1 whole.

Next I asked Liam to break the piece of chocolate into 8 chunks and divide them equally between the paper plate marked with the 2 halves.

make fractions fun with chocolate

Finally we moved onto the paper plate marked with the 4 quarters. Liam shared the 8 chunks out again equally over the 4 sections on the plate.

make fractions fun with chocolate

Getting hands on to share out actual  pieces of chocolate really helped to reinforce what he had been learning in school. It was a also a fun reward for each of us after finishing off the rest of his homework.

make fractions fun with chocolate

His younger brother had been watching with interest as we did this activity and he didn’t want to miss out on a chocolate treat as well. He couldn’t enjoy the white chocolate (he is cows milk intolerant), so we repeated the exercise using 8 of his special dairy free chocolate buttons.

He is only 6, so is not up to Fractions yet in his own Maths lessons, but he is really interested in all things number. Repeating the activity also provided the perfect opportunity for his big brother to practise what he has been learning again, as I asked him talk his brother through the activity. (Whilst they were distracted I may have nibbled on a few of the spare buttons…).

make fractions fun with chocolate

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