How to make a Miniature Fairy Garden


Make some treasured memories this summer with your kids as you create a Miniature Fairy Garden together.

How to make a miniature fairy garden

A natural gardener I am not, but what I lack in skill, I make up for in enthusiasm. Every year I like to try something new in our garden with my kids. And this year we are all about growing vegetables and making our own miniature fairy garden to protect it (wishful thinking I know, but I am willing to try anything to keep the slugs at bay).

Tips for creating the perfect Miniature Fairy Garden with you Kid’s

  • Make sure to choose plants which have a slow growth rate. Ask for help at your local garden centre or take a look at this helpful list.
  • Large terracotta plant pots are the ideal place to build your miniature fairy garden.
  • Gather stones to create small winding paths.
  • Use twigs to build fences or hang bunting from.
  • Add a water feature in an upturned shell.
  • You could even make your own Fairy Door to add onto the front of the plant pot.How to make a miniature garden done

My husband took control of our raised vegetable beds last year, but quite frankly he let things slide and despite his best intentions, we didn’t get a great crop (his theory of the more seeds you cram in = the more food you will grow did not work out well!) So this year it’s the turn of girls to see if we can do any better. It remains to be seen if we will, but we have got of to a good start.

Myself and Bella popped on our gardening gloves and set to work one sunny afternoon last week and we now have one raised bed planted out with radishes, peas and carrots seeds.And the second bed we have filled with sunflowers and other cut flower varieties (not for eating more for decoration around the home). Great growing weather followed (warm and wet) and we are seeing a few shoots coming up now, but I am embarrassed to say at this stage I am not sure which are weeds and which are our vegetables and flowers!

My growing enthusiasm for gardening does mean that I  have been spending far too much time (and money) down at our local garden centre. It helps that is also does a mean scone in the cafe and has a kids playground, so it’s a handy spot to while away a bit of time with the kids after school. My kids are fascinated with all the different flowers and garden ornaments on display and are have become particularly taken with the large display of Miniature Fairy Garden supplies and eventually they wore me down into buying some.

Our funds didn’t run to the big Fairy House that they all wanted, but we did manage a small fairy, a couple of gnomes and some mushrooms to go along with some small alpine plants.

How to make a miniature garden collage

Once we had gathered our supplies together we waited for the sun to come out again and then myself and Bella set about creating our miniature fairy garden.

  1. We filled a large terracotta pot with compost.
  2. Planted our selection of small alpine plants into it.
  3. Laid a stone path.
  4. Added in our fairy supplies from the garden centre.
  5. Gave it a good water and popped it next to our vegetables.

Now all we have to do it give it a good water every day (unless it has been raining) and enjoying looking at our miniature fairy garden whilst we tend to our vegetable patch this summer.

For even more tips on creating the perfect Miniature Fairy Garden check out this useful post from Rhythms of Play and our previous Miniature Garden Adventure.

How to make a miniature fairy garden


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