Making Christmas Lights Patterns


Painting Christmas Lights is a classic Christmas activity. But instead of painting some this year, we have put them to good use in a simple Maths activity to reinforce the concept of making and carrying on patterns.

Christmas Lights Pattern Making Exercise

Kindergarten Maths: Making Patterns

Earlier this week I was helping Bella and her classmates to make patterns with coloured beads.  Her teacher had made cards with the patterns on for them to copy, continue and fill in by threading the different coloured beads onto a piece of string. To give Bella another opportunity to practice patterns at home, I came up with this simple activity for us to complete at home together.

Christmas Activities for After School

It’s all about Christmas around here now. Lists are being made, Christmas cards are being written and lines are being learnt for the school plays. I have been busy adding Christmas themes to our after school activities at home as well. To motivate the kids at home work time and to create lots of lovely Christmas art work for our walls.

Making patterns with dot stickers

Practising Patterns with Christmas Lights

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Ahead of the Activity 

I cut out strips of white card and created a selection of Christmas lights patterns. I made patterns for her to follow on and patterns for her to fill in the missing lights.

Christmas lights patterns

We sat down together and I explained the activity to her, referring back to her bead pattern making exercise in her class to help explain what we were going to do.

We began with the simplest pattern of two alternate colours. She quickly grasped what to do and filled in the missing stickers. I made subsequent patterns a slightly more difficult each time to test her ability and grow her confidence throughout the activity.

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