Monthly Goals – February


This year rather than making big bold New Year resolutions,
I am setting myself monthly goals. These should hopefully be more realistic and
therefore more manageable.

In January I pledged to:

Create a 2014 Family Scrapbook – I have now had all of my
photographs developed and I have created a time line of events, but I still
haven’t quite managed to get it all put together yet. I will continue with this
into February.
Be more thrifty with our craft supplies – I started out well
with this reusing lots of our waterbeads for painting with and to create a
Fishing activity for the kids. We also mixed up some home-made play dough with
store cupboard ingredients and set up an Invitation to make activity with it
and some materials we already had in our craft cupboard. But then I did have to
make a few small purchases for some of our Valentine’s Day arts and crafts
activities. Including some heart shaped buttons to go into our Love PotionPlay.

Bring back my cleaning schedule – This is working out
brilliantly. I’ve been spending 30 minutes most days doing household chores. This
has really helped me to stay on top of things. The kids are still happy getting
involved at the end of the day with tidying away toys and sweeping up. so the
house is still in pretty good order one month into our new regime.
Stress less on the school run – I have been leaving the
house a good 10 minutes later than normal and do you know what, we are still
making it to school on time, but with the added bonus of coming home to a house
with breakfast dishes tidied away and the first load of laundry going already.
That’s not to say there aren’t still a few raised voices when the kids are
dragging their feet, but this time of the morning has definitely improved.

In February I pledge to:

Broaden the range of topics covered on my blog – Joining up
the co-host this linky has been my first steps towards opening up more on my
blog and talking about something other than just kids arts and crafts. This is
something I would like to do more off. Kid’s arts and crafts ideas will always
be the main focus of my blog, but I’d love to include our recipes, more of my
own adult crafts and touch on some more personal parenting posts.
Do something for myself once a week – My youngest is
starting Montessori next week so for the first time in over 7 years I am going
to have two child-free mornings each week! 
This will give me plenty of time to catch up on chores, do the
supermarket shopping undisturbed, tackle more writing projects and hopefully
I’ll be able to carve out some much needed me-time. I’m looking forward to
being able to take a long walk along the sea front, go for a swim, get my hair
cut or meet friends for brunch. This will then hopefully leave me fully
recharged then for the afternoon school runs and activities.
Introduce the kids to works by Famous Artists – My sons are aged 5 and 7 now and as they both love creating
their own artwork, I think it is now the right time to start to introduce some
art history into our arts activities. Before having kids we used to love taking
trips to art galleries and this is something we’d love to do with the kids now
that they are less unruly when we are out and about. We attempted a trip to a
gallery a couple of years ago when the kids were only 4, 2 and a few months old
and this did not go well at all

Get organised for the school mid-term break – The kids break
for a week in just two weeks time. I would like to have a good long list of
possible and prepared activities, along with some ideas of day trips as well all
ready. This will be a handy reference then for the inevitable “What are we
doing now Mummy?” or “I’m bored” moments.
What goals are you setting yourself this month?  If you have written about them on your blog,
then please add them to our linky or if you’d just like to join in by
commenting then sometimes just writing them down can be the first step to
accomplishing them.


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    • Scheduling me time is a good idea. We often forget to do things for ourselves as we are so busy looking after the needs of others. But it is really important to give yourself time to rest and rejuvenate to make you even more able for all if the things you have to do. Hope you have a great month as well.

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