Old Macdonald TP Roll Farm Animals


Are you forever saving up cardboard tubes for a “rainy day”? TP Rolls have to be one of the most versatile pieces of recyclable trash to use in kids arts and crafts activities. Save some up and make these Old Macdonald inspired Farm Animal Puppets for some pretend play with your kids.

Old Macdonald TP Roll Craft

Next up on Rhyme Time is the farmyard classic “Old MacDonald had a Farm”.  It was quite tricky deciding on an activity to go along with this nursery rhyme, as there is so much crafting and play potential for farm animals. We have already had fun on the blog sponge painting sheep and we have completed a super cute set of paper-plate farm animals.

Whilst searching through our supplies for inspiration we seemed to be overrun with TP rolls in our making box. So we decided to make them the base for some farmyard animals fun.

If you are unhappy using TP rolls in your kid’s arts and crafts project then you can easily replace them with kitchen towel tubes instead.

How to make TP Roll Sheep

  • Paint the tube with white paint.
  • Cut out a circle of black felt for the face (I’d run out of black paper, but you use this instead if you have some to hand).
  • Attach 2 googly eyes to the face (the wonkier the better if you are doing this activity with a toddler!). Glue the face to the tube.
  • Glue on some cotton wools to give your sheep a nice woolly coat.

Have you tried Tape Resist Sponge Painting before?

How to make TP Roll Pigs

  • Paint the tube with pink paint.
  • Cut out a pink circle and 2 small pink triangles of either pink felt of pink paper.
  • Attach 2 googly eyes and add on a snout using a black marker.
  • Glue the face onto the tube.
  • Finish off the pig with some “muddy” brown fingerprint painting.

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How to make TP Roll Chicks

  • Paint the tube with yellow paint.
  • Cut out a yellow circle and a small orange circle from either felt or paper.
  • Attach the googly eyes and beak onto the face.
  • Glue the face onto the tube.
  • Glue on lots of feathers (this was a great way to utilise an old feather boa my husband’s aunt passed on to go in our making box).

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