How to Create Unique Party Place Mats

Our birthday celebrations are drawing to a close now, after a fun filled birthday fortnight on the blog. Last to arrive at our party is Helen from Witty Hoots, who is sharing ideas on how to add a truly unique touch  to your birthday parties – designing and making your very own party placemats.
Helen is a former primary school teacher and art historian.  She writes for Witty Hoots which is a family focused blog.  Her children love playing and learning at the same time.  Since her daughter started school in September, Helen has been keen to balance her school time with play sessions that allow her to explore, learn and just have fun.  Helen’s eldest child has a keen interest in music and hope to study music at University. Helen continues to encourage her daughter to explore creative outlets such as painting, exploring with sensory play dough and developing her gross motor skills too. She often shares these ideas through her website Witty Hoots.
How to Make Your Own Party Placemats
These are a great idea for fitting in with a specific party theme, to customise or even as a party craft!  Here we share three ideas to help you make something unique for your party.
Basic Materials Needed to Make a Placemat


Laminating Pouches
Themed Placemats
Sometimes you just cannot get the tableware for your party theme.  This is a simple idea to help you make some placemats that look good and fit in too!
Wrapping Paper
A4 sheets of paper
How to Make Them
Using the A4 sheet of paper as a template cut out rectangles from the wrapping paper or wall paper. 
Place one rectangle into a laminating pouch and place in a laminating machine. 
The newly laminated placemat will be hot so do allow to cool down.

Personalised Placemats
These can be created before your party or can be made on the day as a party craft. Ideal for older children or creative adults!
A4 card or paper with a guest’s name
printed on it
StickersGold and/or Silver Marker Pens
How to Make Them
Following the lines printed on the A4 sheet, stick down the stickers to create the name.  You can also use the gold and/or silver
marker pens to follow the printed letters too.
Once finished place the A4 design in a laminator pouch and laminate to create a unique personalised placemat.
Fun and Creative Placemats for Little and Big Kids!
These make a great party craft that can be also used to show kids where to sit. They also can be wiped down and taken home too!
A4 card or paper
Plus a selection of:
Glue Sticks
Tissue Paper
How to Make Them
Depending on the age group and the time factor you could:
Do painted finger, hand or footprint patterns on the paper.  Allow to dry before laminating! Let them go mad with stickers stuck onto an A4 sheet!
Give everyone a sheet of paper and just let them draw using crayons or pencils.  Or give out the stencils so that they can create some patterns.
Use glue sticks, glitter and shiny sequins to create some sparkly placemat artworks.
Glue some tissue paper onto the A4 sheet to create some bold patterns.
Allow each one to dry (if necessary) and make sure that each one is marked with a name.
Place in the laminating pouch, laminate and allow to cool before using as a wipe down placemat and keepsake.
We are thrilled to be sharing our placemat ideas with Multicraftingmummy as she celebrates her blog’s first birthday!
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