Frugal Outdoor Projects for Kids


Keep your kids playing outside this summer break and away from their screens, with our funĀ outdoor projects for kids that won’t burst your summer budget.

Outdoor Projects for Kids

When the weather permits (and sometimes when it doesn’t) my kids love to play outside. It can be something as simple as riding their bikes or kicking a ball around that will keep them occupied for long afternoons. A tub of chalk goes along way on a sunny day as well (and is a great way to add a dash of color to a garden path or shed). And a bucket of water with a few cups and jugs is really simple way to cool down.

Below I have pulled together a list of our most popular outdoor projects for kids for you to try.

Outside Activities to enjoy in the Garden

Every child should make at least one batch of mud pies outdoors each summer. They are great served with a side of fresh flowers or a sprinkling of grass.

Heading outside for a Teddy Bear’s Picnic is always an adventure for kids, even if you only go as far as your own backyard.

Outdoor Flower Projects for Kids

Making miniature gardens outside is one of my most treasured childhood memories. And now it’s a summer project that I love to do with my own kids.

We always have a sea of daises out in our garden once summer arrives. My daughter in particular loves to pick them and turn them into Daisy Soup.

Outdoor Projects for Kids to do at the Beach

Head down to the beach for some outdoor learning fun. Pebbles and shells are great for building name collages with preschoolers working on name recognition.

Older siblings can play along as well and create their very own works of art in the sand from materials that they have collected themselves.

Learning Activities to do Outside

Explore the concept of sinking and floating with this fun garden science project.

Finally if it’s getting hot outside then the perfect way to cool down is to play with ice. Have fun learning and playing with this Lego Discovery Ice Cube.

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