Paint Your Own Fairy Door


Invite the magical world of fairies into your home, with the new “Paint Your Own Fairy Door” creative craft set from the Irish Fairy Door Company.

Paint your own fairy door review

My sons are already well acquainted with the Tooth Fairy.  Many teeth have already been exchanged for coins and notes have passed back and forth between them. My daughter is almost willing her first tooth to come out (she’s only 4 1/2 though, so she probably has a bit of a wait).

The magic of fairies doesn’t have to be reserved just for the Tooth Fairy. Younger kids can benefit just as much from a little magic to blow away their bad dreams. Children’s imaginations can take them along way and with a little extra help the skies the limit.

Paint Your Own Fairy Door

We received 3 kits for free in exchange for a fair and honest review of them.

When we were invited to take a look at the latest product from the 100% Irish owned Irish Fairy Door Company, we didn’t hesitate to accept. Anything that involves paint, magic and imagination is big news around here.

As soon as the parcel with our “Paint Your Own Fairy Door” kits landed on our doorstep, the kids asked to get started. (Luckily I had the time to indulge them). We opened up the packets and had a good rummage through the contents.

Paint Your Own Fairy Door set contents

They all made a  dive for tiny little keys. We learned from the Fairy Welcome Guide that they would be collected by their fairy once they moved in. I read the rest of the booklet to them ,as they all got busy with their paints.

They all carefully covered their fairy doors in paint and then we read through the “Lease Agreement” together. Inviting a fairy into your home comes with responsibilities on both sides. I can never buy Cheese Puffs again! My kids signed their part of the lease, which they were to leave  out with the key once they had their fairy door in place.

paint your own fairy door in progress

We didn’t want to decorate our doors until the paint had dried a little more, so I brought over my ipad and we went through the easy registration process for each of our fairies. It’s quick and painless and it was great fun choosing our fairy names.

It was then time to add a few decorations to our Fairy Doors. My kids went for the “let’s stick on as much as we can approach” to decorating their Doors. The decorations are very easy to apply, as they come with a handy peelable sticker on the back.

Paint your own fairy door decorations

Freddie then took himself off and came back with some green paper to make a garden for his fairy. He designed a garden on it using the felt pens included in the set. Of course his two siblings then closely followed suit.

drawing a fairy garden

We probably should have done this first (as the guide suggests) but my kids were so eager to get painting, so we saved finding the perfect spot for our Fairy Doors until last.

They all raced up their bedrooms and choose spots close to their beds for their Fairy Doors. I secured them into place with a bit of double sided sticky tape. You could also use blu-tak . Although this would not suitable if you have children under 3 in the house.

Paint your own fairy door finished

I secretly smiled to myself as I thought of the fun and memories to be made over the next few years. I’m a big fan of anything that nurtures young imaginations and keeps childhood dreams alive. Childhood is such a short window of time, so why not fill it with as much magic as possible.

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