Not So Perfect Penguin Winter Art Project


There is nothing more beautiful than Kid-Made Art. Let your child take control in this Penguin Winter Art Project and watch as they create their own unique Penguins. 

Penguin Winter Art ProjectPenguins are so adorable and my son has become fascinated with them after studying them for a winter project in school. In class they had all cut out and made very simple Penguin collages, as part of their project. He was keen to share this idea and take it further at home with his big brother after school. We did a little research of our own and all loved the painted background on these fabulous Penguins on Deep Space Sparkle. We decided to combine the two projects to make our own Penguin Winter Art.

Penguin Winter Art Project

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We began our activity creating a beautiful background inspired by the chilly tones of winter. The boys dipped sponges into pink, purple and blue paint and dabbed them all over their canvas in a haphazard fashion. This simple technique created a stunning winter backdrop for our Penguin art project.

Another fun way to create the wintry background would be to use this cool marbling effect. 

Child painting a Winter scene

Whilst their paintings dried, it was time to work on the Penguin collages.

  1. Cut out a Penguin shaped body from black paper along with a set of wings.
  2. Cut out a beak and a pair feet using the orange paper.
  3. Take a sheet of newspaper and cut out the Penguins white chest.
  4. Glue your Penguin together. Not forgetting to add the googly eyes to finish.

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Child cutting out a Penguin collage

We then just needed to glue the penguin onto the painted background and we were done.

They may look a little wonky in places, but THIS is what kids art should look like. It’s the little quirks and odd shapes which make them truly unique to the child who created them.

Winter Penguin Art Project

My kids are learning and developing their own creativity  more and more each time we sit down to create a piece of art together. By allowing them to take as much control as possible of their own art projects, this does wonders for their own self-esteem and self-confidence as well.

Child making a Winter Penguin Art Project

Our Penguins are the perfect accompaniment up on the wall next to our Bubble Wrap Snow Flakes. 

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