Playdate Pitta Pizzas

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Yesterday I had a houseful of 4 hungry boys and 1 hungry
girl to feed after school, as my eldest son Liam had two of his pals back for a
playdate.  I try to keep afternoon snacks
more on the healthy side during the week, so we are then free over the weekend
to indulge in a few sweet treats without feeling too guilty.  One of our favourite after school snacks to
make is my “Pitta Pizzas”. I’ve been making these for a number of years now and
nearly all of the kids I’ve fed them to have loved them. They are very
versatile as well, as you can add any number of toppings to them to suit your
own children’s taste or to suit what you have in the cupboard at the time.
Yesterday we just kept it very simple, as I wasn’t sure on Liam’s friends taste
preferences. If we’d had a little more time yesterday, I would have let them
choose and add their own toppings. But we were a bit pushed for time, so I
rustled a plate of them up whilst they all ran around playing “Ningas!”



How to make Pitta Pizzas

Squeeze a thin line of tomato puree down the centre of a wholemeal
pitta bread and spread it out with a spoon.


 Sprinkle a little oregano over the tomato puree.


Grate some cheese on top.


Place under a hot grill for a couple of minutes until the
cheese is bubbling.
Allow them to cool slightly before cutting them into pieces
and piling them up on a plate.


Serve immediately.

Other toppings we have used include:



On serving these to the kids yesterday alongside a plate of “Melon
Smiles” and glass of orange squash, I hardly had time to clean up the kitchen
before all food had disappeared from the table the kids were off playing “Ninga’s”
again this time with full tummies.
These also work really well in school packed lunches.  I make them up first thing and then allow
them to cool completely before adding them into their lunch boxes.
What do you make for your children to eat after school?





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