Quick St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin


Your older siblings are occupied and your youngest is getting restless, as you try to prepare the dinner and fold the laundry. Setting up a quick sensory bin is the perfect weapon to pull out in your fight against the late-afternoon blues. Our St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin is super quick to set up and will stimulate and entertain your pre-schooler, whilst you finish up your  chores.

St Patricks Day Sensory Bin

My son’s were engrossed in a football match outdoors, so Bella was left to her own devices indoors, whilst I tried to finish up my chores for the day. We had enjoyed some painting together and a spot of baking, but I needed a few minutes to get tidied down and start to prepare the dinner.

I was pretty sure I had a bag emergency rice in the back of the cupboard (perfect for emergency sensory bins or emergency meals, whichever need arises first!) so I tossed this into a deep tray along with a few St Patrick’s Day themed items from our craft supplies. It only took a minute to set up and she was content to play for a little while at least.

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How to make a St Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

Sensory Bins are fun for kids of all ages and in particular suit the inquisitive minds (and hands) of pre-schoolers.

Usually set to a theme, a sensory bin is filled with a selection of items to stimulate your child’s senses in a contained area (well that’s the theory).


  • Bag of rice
  • Green, white and orange buttons
  • Green Feathers
  • Clear Gems
  • Green, white ad orange pom-poms
  • Green and Orange Plastic Eggs (perfect for scooping and pouring)
  • Giant tweezers (ideal for digging around and pulling the items out from the under the rice)

Load all of the supplies into a deep try (I picked up some bargain disposable roasting trays, which are ideal to have on standby) and invite your child to play.

St Patricks Day Sensory Bin Playing

If younger children are playing then make sure to keep a close eye on them if you have small items in your sensory bin which could present a choking hazard.

Click here to receive a FREE copy of our eBook

Free eBook 25+ Kids Painting Ideas

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