Review – Children’s Christmas Stocking Kits


DIY Felt stocking kits for kids.

The kids were very excited to receive these Christmas Felt Stocking Kits  recently from Rainbow Creations, specialist stockists of children’s craft supplies, art materials and craft kits.

felt stocking kits

They have been asking to have a go at some sewing of their own for ages now. I have been learning to sew since the summer and they have been fascinated watching me, so these felt stocking kits couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.
Each felt stocking kit contains:

  • 2 red Christmas stocking shapes.
  • White, blue and green felt to be used to decorate the
  • 1 child friendly needle.
  • 1 length of wool to sew the stocking together.

Sewing our Felt Stocking Kits

We received our Stocking Kits free of charge in exchange for a fair and honest review of them.

We were sent three felt stocking kits to make, one for each of my children. My sons now aged 5 and 7 had little trouble with sewing their stocking shapes together. The felt shapes come with pre-punched holes, so the boys just had to work their way around these, using the sturdy child friendly needle and wool provided.

felt stocking kits 

Freddie did get a little tangled from time to time, which did lead to a bit of frustration for him. But I was able to step in and help get him back on track each time. He was determined to make to make it all the way around on his own, which he did, although not quite as quick as his big brother who took to it really well.

We did have a slight issue with the wool though, as we used the wrong type of stitch. The stitch the boys used required a little bit more wool than was provided. Luckily after I stitched up Bella’s stocking (she is a little young for sewing by herself) using the standard running stitch needed, we were left with enough wool to finish off the boys stockings as well.

Decorating our Stockings

The pack also comes with 1 x white, 1 x green and 1 x blue felt squares to be used to decorate the stocking as you wish. I thought this was a much better than receiving some pre-cut shapes to make up a specific design. This allowed the children to use their own imaginations to decide how they wanted to decorate their own stockings.

You are then also free to add on a few other bits and pieces from your own craft supplies to make them truly unique. Rainbow Creations had also sent us a packet of gold and silver bells to use on our stockings if the kids wanted too. I also used a few of these bells on some Christmas cards, that I have been making myself.

Felt is quite a tough fabric for little hands to cut through, so they did need lots of help in cutting out the shapes they needed to decorate their stockings. I helped the boys to cut out a snowy trim to go across the tops of their stockings, which they then glued into place.

Liam then used the rest of his white felt to create a snowman picture. We cut out a hat and arms using the green felt and used the blue for his buttons. We also added on some of our own goggly eyes and some of our own orange felt for his nose. Liam then wanted to add a silver bell onto his snowman’s hat to finish him off.

felt stocking kits

Freddie wanted to do something different to his brother, so he decided to make a Christmas tree to go on his stocking. We used the green felt for the tree and then we added on some of our own pom-poms in place of the baubles. We then used one of the silver bells for the star on top of the tree.

felt stocking kits

For Bella’s stocking we decided to have a go at creating some mini snowflakes.

felt stocking kits

We are planning to use our stockings as Christmas tree decorations. They would also make lovely gifts for family or friends, which you could then personalise with the recipient’s name and add on the year by cutting out letters and shapes from the felt provided. Another cute idea would be to place them alongside your child’s stocking on Christmas Eve for Santa to leave a little treat in for one of their teddies or dolls.

We had a very enjoyable session making these kits up and I would definitely recommend them for children aged 5+ to used under adult supervision. The boys really enjoyed getting hand on with the sewing and it was great to see their imaginations at work when deciding how to decorate them. The kits are priced very reasonably at £1 each. The delivery charge is £2.25 per UK order and orders over £30.00 are delivered free of charge. Postage to Europe including Ireland is £9, so it might be worth stocking up with one big order of craft supplies r sharing an order with a friend to split to postage cost.

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  1. Hmmm… Not sure if my other comment posted.

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    These are so cute! They would be a fun craft to do with my daughter, who is trying to learn to sew.

  2. They look like a lovely idea to start sewing. My kids have been watching me start sewing recently too and have wanted to have a go. I'm not sure how ready my 4yr olds are though. I love the snowman one.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    • Thanks Karen. The age recommendation is 5 + which i think is fair. Freddie who has just turned 5 had a really good go at it but it did take him a while to get all the way around. I don t think he could have handked this a few months ago but it would depend on the child really.

    • Thanks Louisa. That was the main reason i liked them as well. There was enough structure to get them started and then a lot of scope to put their own individual stamps on them.

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