Review – Patterned Rubber Paint and Dough Rollers from Rainbow Creations


We were very excited when we received a parcel from Rainbow Creations containing three Patterned Rubber Paint and Dough Rollers for us to review. The rollers are available to purchase via their
website but we did receive them free of charge in exchange for an honest review
of this product.
Our first test for the rollers was to use them on play-dough.
 Now my 4 year old did have a bit of a
wobbly start with them, as he was struggling to make an impression on the
play-dough.  However, once I’d shown him
that he just needed to apply a little more pressure as he rolled them; he then
soon settled down into the activity.
He began using the star cutter I had also
laid out to make some “cookies” for us all to “eat”.  He rolled out the dough first and then after
adding the pattern with the roller, he then cut them out with the star cutter
and arranged them onto plates for us all.  

My 6 year old used the rollers with relative ease and he
loved using all of the rollers to make different patterns over his
play-dough.  He then used the shape
cutters to cut out different shapes from his patterned dough to make his “shape
collage picture”.  

The guide age on the rollers is 3+ and my youngest child has
only just turned 2, but not wanting to leave her out I let her use the rollers
under my supervision.  She didn’t have
the strength to make a very clear impression into her play-dough but this didn’t
bother her in the slightest.  She was
happy enough rolling them backwards and forwards for a few minutes before
throwing them on the floor! This did them no harm though as they seem to be
very strong and hardwearing.
Next up we used the rollers in some paint.  I squeezed out some paint onto paper plates
for the kids to roll the rollers over to cover them in paint.  I then rolled out one long piece of easel
paper all across the table to give the kids plenty of room to roll the rollers
up and down the paper. 
Whilst they were enjoying this I asked the boys if they
preferred to use the rollers on the play-dough or with the paint.  My 4 year old told me that he preferred to
use them in the paint, as it was a bit easier for him to make clearer patterns.
Also he didn’t need to press down quite so hard in the paint, so it made his
hands a bit less tired!  My 6year old
told me was enjoying the painting but he preferred to use them on the
play-dough. This was because they made lovely deep patterns in it.
Again I let my 2 year old join in with the painting session
but I did keep a very close eye on her with them.  She did have fun rolling the rollers up and
down the paper for a few minutes but then inevitably she did end up with her
hands covered in paint.
When it came to cleaning up time I set a bowl of soapy water
and some sponges down onto the table and we popped the rollers in to give them
a good wash.  They did take a bit of
scrubbing with the sponges to become totally clean. The kids really enjoyed
splashing around in the water though so it was actually a great extension to
the activity. I would suggest if you don’t have time to clean them up straight
away then to leave them to soak in some water so that the paint doesn’t dry out
and become harder to remove.
Overall I would give these rollers 8/10.  They are very good value for money at only
£1.99 each.  They are good quality and
can be used for a number of different activities which is great.  We even took ours down to the beach with us
to see if we could make impressions in the sand with them! What other
activities do you think they could be used for?

About Rainbow Creations
Specialist stockists of all children’s craft supplies, art materials and craft
kits. Top quality, value for money creative activities for individual children
and young educational groups. Designed to make learning fun. Fast delivery,
free post for orders over £30 in the UK.  Standard postage to the UK is only £2.25 and to Europe
including Ireland
it is £9 so it might be worth stocking up with one big order of craft supplies or
sharing an order with a friend to split to postage cost.


10 thoughts on “Review – Patterned Rubber Paint and Dough Rollers from Rainbow Creations”

  1. Wow I have to admit that I was expecting it to be pricey. Nice value for money yes and the possibility of use are endless (I was thinking of making clothes pattern)! #pocolo

  2. Thank you for an excellent review. It's great that you can find many different uses for the rollers and that they are suitable for a wide age range of children.

    You will probably find even more uses as they get older too, by allowing them to be incorporated in many types of art and craft. Maybe try printing on fabric or using with clay. The designs would make pretty backgrounds for cardmaking too.

    I love that these rollers are not something that children will 'grow out of'

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