Setting Monthly Goals: May


 Setting goals for myself this year is really helping me to focus on what needs to be done. New Year resolutions are notoriously hard to maintain all year long. Whereas setting goals on a month by month basis, allows for more flexibility and are therefore much more achievable.

Aprils Goals

I was very successful in completing all of the goals I set for myself in April.

We enjoyed an action packed Easter holidays. We spent the first week catching up with friends and indulging in lots of Easter themed crafts and baking activities. The second week was then spent visiting family over in the UK.

We finally cracked teaching Liam how to tie his shoelaces. Long overdue as he is now 7, but perhaps waiting enabled him to pick it up much quicker, than if we’d tried when he was younger.

We enjoyed a brilliant Teddy Bear Picnic Party for Bella’s 3rd birthday, despite the cake not quite turning out as planned (but that’s a whole other story!).


Last week marked my blog’s 1st birthday! To celebrate we invited some of our favourite bloggers over to our party to share lots of birthday themed posts. We had play-dough cupcakes, musical party games, DIY Fabric ScrapBunting, teddy bear invitations and party games for younger kids. We still have
a couple more posts lined up for this week as well.
Goals for May
Research Dairy Free cooking and baking recipes

My 5 year old son has been diagnosed with a cow’s milk intolerance. We have been advised to cut it completely from his diet for 12 weeks to give his digestive system a complete rest. Then gradually re-introduce it so see if his body can tolerate moderate amounts. So I am going to be busy working on ways to cut out cow’s milk products from the food he enjoys and find replacements which are just as appealing to him. I fear it could be a long,
hard journey.

Write more Guest Posts

Writing guest blog posts is a great way to showcase your bog to new audiences. Last month I completed guest posts for Hands on:as we grow, Teachme Mommy, Clare’s Little Tots and Golden Reflections Blog they have certainly given my social media a boost. This month I plan to apply for more opportunities to showcase our projects to different audiences.


Plan some mummy and daughter dates

My daughter Bella starts pre-school in September, so I want to make the most of our precious mornings together, as soon they’ll be gone. I want to try and do something special with her one morning each week whilst the boys are in school. This could be something as simple as going to the playground or taking a trip to her favourite museum.

Get Gardening

I’m really trying to get into gardening this year. It’s a great way to get the kids outside and to teach them about where there food comes from. We’ve made a start already planting out some vegetable and sunflower seeds. I can’t wait to pick up some sweet peas this month from our local garden centre. We had some last year and they produced an abundance of sweet
smelling fresh cut flowers through the summer months.

So how about you? What goals are you setting for yourself this month?

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    • It's just a shame i didn't make more of them Maryanne! We ended up with lots of mini cakes made from the remnants of the sunken cakes as well so it was a real picnic party!
      Good luck with cutting the wheat. I think that would be much harder for us. Luckily he can still enjoy sheeps and goats cheeses and we found a good sunflower spread with no hidden nasties in to replace butter. We are struggling to find a milk alternative though that he likes. I did put some almond milk into a batch of scones though yesterday and they tasted yummy!

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