Simple Christmas cards for kids to make


We’ve been busy making a start on our Christmas cards this
week. Sending actual Christmas cards during this digital age is a tradition
that needs to be nurtured and maintained for future generations. So many people
now turn to emails and text messages in place of sending cards and it’s such as
shame. Yes it’s quicker and can be a lot cheaper, but it requires so little
thought and is quickly deleted and forgotten about. Whereas making cards with
your kids to send gives you all time to reflect on the person(s) you are
sending it to, you can make it personal to them and they will really appreciate
the work gone into it and hang on to it for a lot longer than a text or
email.  I have made cards with each of my
children every year now and we have had lovely feedback from family and
friends. Living away from a lot of our family makes them even more special, as
family members can see how well the children are coming on with their drawing
and writing and they love to keep them to look back on.

Our Cookie Cutter Christmas Cards
We love to re-use everyday objects in our arts and crafts.
I’ve been doing a fair bit of online shopping of late on Santa’s behalf, so
I’ve a large supply of cardboard boxes and packing paper, which is ideal to
up-cycle into something else.  I decided
to use the packing paper for a painting activity which we would then turn into
some Christmas cards. The paper was very crumpled up after being scrunched into
a box, so I just gave it a quick once over with a cool iron to make it look a
bit more presentable.
I set up the activity ahead of time for Freddie (5) and
Bella (2.5) to do after school one day. I laid out the long roll of packing
paper across the floor and put out paper plates with red, green, gold and white
paint on them. I then dug out the Christmas cookie cutters and placed these
onto the floor as well.  

They began the
activity working alongside each other on the floor, but this quickly descended
into chaos as Bella began to get in Freddie’s way. 

There can often be a bit of
a power struggle after school, as Bella doesn’t like to give up having my full
attention. Therefore I always try to remain flexible with an after school
activity and try to have a backup plan ready for cases such as this. In this
instance I quickly moved Freddie up on to the nearby kitchen table and set out
a long roll of easel paper along with some paint and cutters of his own. They
then worked away much more happily. For more tips on doing arts and crafts with
more than one child you may find this previous post of interest. Top Tips for a successful arts and crafts session with children under 6.

When the kids were in bed and the paintings had dried, I
then cut out the individual stamps and added them onto the front of some cards.
Then seeing as they had done so many, I also used some to re-fashion into gift
tags. To make the gift tags, I cut out the tags from an old brown paper bag and
then glued on a stamp. I then punched a hole into the top of the tag using a
hole-punch and then tied on a piece of coloured string.
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Do you enjoy making cards with your children?

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  1. Love this, so simple but a wonderful activity for kids to do. It's great to reuse materials too. Loads of people really appreciate cards, but I do like the look of these for gift tags and place cards. I'm sure loads of grandparents would hang on to them! Thanks so much for linking up to #ChristmasCountdown

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