Spooky Spiders


Spooky Spiders craft for kids.


I love Sunday mornings now the kids are back to school. It’s the perfect antidote to the long week of dashing to school and various activities followed by “Sports Saturday”. After Sunday breakfast the boys often start colouring or making something themselves and then when I’ve fully woken up (usually after my second cuppa!) we set to work on a planned activity.

 This weekend I had planned an activity to help reinforce what my second son has been learning at school.   He started out in Junior Infants two weeks ago and so far so good. My plan is to do an activity each week to reinforce the letter he has been learning at school. We will then display these in his bedroom to encourage his learning of each letter. Last week they had been studying the letter ‘S’, so I decided we would make some “Spooky Spiders” seeing as Halloween is not too far away now. My boys are already excitedly discussing which costumes they would like me to make for them!

 Now I must admit I did purposely omit my 2 year old daughter from this activity due to the involvement of black paint. I do usually embrace my toddler’s love of painting herself during our activities, but I couldn’t face dealing with a black paint stained toddler before we had even got out of our PJ’S!

1 x sheet of black paper
1 x sheet of white paper
1 x pencil
1 x cereal bowl
1 x small lid
1 x pair of scissors
2 x black pipecleaners
2 x googly eyes
Glue Sitck
Black Paint

How to make the Spiders Web:


  1. Take the sheet of white paper and draw around the cereal bowl once and the small lid twice and cut them out using scissors. Older children can take charge of this if you feel they are able for it.
  2. Fold the large circle in half and repeat this again a further two times.
  3. Being careful with your scissors snip long thin rectangular strips out of the folded circle of paper.
  4. Carefully unfold the circle to reveal the spider’s web for your picture.


How to make the Spiders:


  1. Glue one side of each of the smaller circles of white paper.
  2. Cu the two pipe cleaners in half and lay these across one of the circles to
    make the legs.


  1. Lay
    the other white circle on top and press together to secure the pipe
  2. Paint
    the top circle with black paint.

  3. Once
    dry add on two googly eyes.
  4. Attach
    the web to the black paper using glue and secure the spider onto the web.
  5. Attach
    a cut out of a letter S to the paper if you want to make this activity
    into a letter learning activity.
To further reinforce his learning and to ensure he doesn’t
feel “left out” when his big brother is doing his homework next week, I m
planning to set him on a “Letter S Hunt”, ask him to snip out as many letter
‘S’s” he can find in an old magazine and I ll print out a few worksheets for
his to practise writing and tracing the letter S.
What arts and crafts activities do you like to do to
reinforce your children’s learning?
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