St Patrick’s Day Collage for Kids


Challenge your kids to make a St Patrick’s Day themed collage to decorate your walls in March. 

St Patrick's Day Collage for Kids

We love to sit down together to work on art projects for our walls. We are busy preparing for St Patrick’s Day this month and have been busy making lots of different decorations to hang up at home and to wear at school. The kids school dedicates a whole week to St Patrick. The school is filled with Irish music, the kids are encouraged to dress up and there are lots of fun activities for them to get involved in and plenty of opportunity for them practice talking in Irish.

Bleeding tissue paper collage for kids

St Patrick’s Day Collage for Kids

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  • Canvas Boards
  • Green and Orange Tissue Paper cut into small squares.
  • Brush and Water
  • St Patrick’s Day themed Stickers
  • Glitter

Tissue Paper collage for St Patrick's Day

I picked up a stack of cheap canvas boards for the kids to use at home recently. It makes them feel like “proper artists” when they work on them. They are also really good for doing “Bleeding Tissue Art” on due to there thickness.

To create the background for their collages, the kids brushed water all over their canvas board and then “stuck” down the green and orange squares or tissue paper.

Leave it to dry and then peel the tissue paper off to reveal the colour left behind underneath. If you have a utility room then this is a great place to speed up the drying process if you have your appliances running.

Decorating a St Patrick's Day art project

Then comes the really fun part. Being let loose with stickers and glitter to decorate!

Adding glitter to a St Patrick's Day Collage

Our St Patrick’s Day collages are now hanging proudly over the mantelpiece. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick's Day Collage for Kids

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