Summer Break Learning Prompts – Free Printable


Beat the summer slump with these summer break learning prompts for kids aged 5+.

summer learning prompts for kids

After what felt like an endless final few weeks to the end of the school year, we are finally enjoying our summer break. Keeping up with the pace of getting three kids up and out on time each morning, then running errands and entertaining my 3 year old daughter, before dashing back to school to pick up the boys again, then tackling homework and household chores, has really taken its toll on me both physically and mentally this year. I found myself suffering from a very bad throat and gum infection for the final week of the term, which was basically my body’s way of telling me it is time to slow down and that is exactly what we are planning to do now for the next 9 weeks.

My sons as well are ready for a break from school, my 5 year old son Freddie in particular has been extra tired out these final few weeks. They have both worked really hard in school this year and are looking forward now to spending time outdoors playing football, riding their bikes, playing minecraft, enjoying trips to the beach and playground with friends and going to visit our family over in the UK (along with a very exciting trip to Legoland!)

This year our summer break is going to be all about stepping back from our busy routines and spending quality time together as a family. I am very conscious though about keeping my sons (aged 5 and 7) up to speed with their reading, writing and maths over the summer break, so I will be sneaking in lots of fun learning activities. I will not be implementing a rigid routine though of you must do this and that before you can enjoy some screen time etc, as they need a break from all of that. Instead I am planning to build in fun activities to our days at home and when we are out and about using a series of summer learning prompts.


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