Summer Learning: Beach Name Collage


Head down to the beach and make a fun Name Collage using stones and pebbles. A fun learning activity for preschoolers working on name recognition.

Summer Learning Beach Name Collage

When the weather allows (and sometimes when it doesn’t) we love to pack up a picnic and head down to our local beach. My kids go mad for a spot of hole digging (in pursuit of treasure usually), sandcastle building and paddling fun.

It’s also great to bring some of our activities down to the beach. There’s nothing like a good dose of fresh air to inspire creativity or stimulate the senses for a learning activity.

We completed these Creative Collages using pebbles and stones on a recent trip to the beach.

Summer Learning Beach Name Collage

Bella is heading to big school after the summer break. So we really need to put some extra effort in making her more proficient in recognising and writing her own name.

She is showing more of an interest in individual letters now. And we need to keep building on this over the summer break to keep the momentum going.

On a recent trip to the beach I set her brothers the task of helping her write her name in the sand, using stones and pebbles.

Summer Learning Beach Name Collage

Summer Learning Activity: Create a Name Collage on the Beach

I traced her name into the sand, whilst they got busy collecting lots of little stones and pebbles to complete the name collage.

Summer Learning Beach Name Collage

They worked really well together on this activity. So I am hopeful that it will go some way to helping Bella with her name recognition skills.

I am looking forward to checking out these name recognition activities from Growing Book by Book over the summer break with her as well.

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