Summer Lego Ice Rescue


Cool down the kids this summer with some lego ice play

lego ice resuce

There are only a few weeks left until the end of term. So it’s time to start planning what we are going to do through our 9 weeks of school Summer holidays.

To help get started on our list and to help you with your own, we have teamed up with some super cool bloggers, to share a big list of summer activity ideas.

Summer Lego Ice Rescue

Playing with ice is an ideal way to cool the kids down on a hot day. Last summer we had great fun with our Giant Discovery Ice Cube filled with dinosaurs and hidden treasure. This year we decided to recreate this activity, but using Lego inside the giant ice cube instead of dinosaurs.

How to make a summer lego rescue ice cube

Fill a plastic container ¼ full with water.

Add in a selection of Lego figures and bricks.

Place this into the freezer overnight.

Remove from the freezer and add in some more Lego and fill almost to the top with water.

Carefully transfer this back into the freezer and leave it overnight.

When you are ready to play, remove it from the freezer and place the container into a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. This will help to loosen the cube just enough to get it out of the container in one piece.

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Place onto a tray along with water squirters, mini tool, glue scrapers, brushes, spoons and anything else you can think of to help them excavate the ice!

Then let you little ones get busy! We started out by squirting some salty water over our ice cube.

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We then used mini tools (from a Christmas cracker) along with a plastic hammer to chip away at the ice to help release the mini figures.

We also used a glue scrapper to help leaver out some of the men as well.

This activity kept my son busy for a good 40 minutes (the bigger the cube the longer they will stay amused!). We will definitely be planning some ice cube fun over our long school summer holidays.

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