Exploring Symmetry with a Lego Firefly

Lego isn’t just for building with, it is also brilliant for hands on learning fun. We are back with the Early Elementary Team (formerly the 2nd Grade Team) to bring you lots of Lego Learning Activities for your 6-9 year old’s. Lego is a regular feature on our winter after school activity schedule. The cold … Read more

Exploring Symmetry with Art

Getting hands on with an activity at home, is a great way to support your child when they are learning new concepts in school. My 8 year old son has been learning about symmetry during his maths lessons, so we decided to explore symmetry in one of our after school art projects to help reinforce … Read more

Hearty Harvest Vegetable Soup

Celebrate the fruits of the harvest with a bowl of our Hearty Harvest Vegetable Soup. A perfect after school pick me up dish to get you and your kids through till dinner time. Why not get your kids involved in the preparation as well. I had my 7 year old son on hand to help … Read more

Nocturnal Animal Report: Hedgehogs

Researching and writing up an Animal Report is a great way to learn more about your favourite animal. This week the 2nd Grade Blogging Team is sharing activities all about Nocturnal Animals. My 7 year old son has been busy working on writing up animal reports in school this term. And he was keen to … Read more

Learning with Art: Tape Resist Spider Web

Are you looking for some fresh new activities to try with your 2nd grader (aged 7-8)? Whether you home school or  you are just looking to supplement your child’s learning at home, then the 2nd Grade Blogging Team is here to help. This week the team is sharing Spider themed activities. We have been busy … Read more

Measure a Scarecrow Collage

Are you looking for a fun activity to teach your child about measuring things? Getting hands on with an arts and crafts project is a great way to engage kids in new learning concepts. Have fun learning with our Scarecrow Collage. This week on the 2nd Grade Blog Hop, we are sharing ideas for scarecrow … Read more

Awesome Owl Leaf Collage

Autumn Owl Leaf Collage

Are your kids reluctant to get outdoors now it’s turning chilly? Engage them on a nature walk with the task of collecting leaves to make this awesome Owl Leaf Collage. I decided to give Liam a break from a learning activity for this 2nd Grade Blogging Team project. Our theme for the week is leaves, … Read more

Create your own Superhero Comic-Photo-Strip

Does your 7 year old dream of being a superhero one day? Set their imaginations free and make their dreams come true when they create their very own Superhero Comic Strip using basic tools. I decided to channel my son’s love of technology into an activity that he struggles with, for this week’s Super-hero themed … Read more