Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards

Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards for Kids to make

Even Though I Bug You…I Still Love You! Soothe sibling rivalry with these simple Recycled Love Bug Valentines Cards for sibling to make for each other.  Do you sometimes feel more like a referee than a mom? Dealing with silly squabbles and breaking up tussles between my two youngest two kids is starting to take … Read more

Cutest Cupcake Liner Crafts

Cupcake Liner Crafts for Kids

Cupcake liners are great for kids crafting. They are readily available and you can get them in all kinds of pretty patterns and colours. Here are some of the cutest cupcake liner crafts around to get you started. Animals and Under the Sea Cupcake Liner Crafts This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Sea … Read more

Cute Cupcake Liner Jellyfish Craft

Cupcake liner jellyfish craft

You could say that we are a little obsessed with all things Under the Sea over here at Crafty Kids at Home. Living by the sea has a huge influence over our activities and here is our latest creation, a cute cupcake liner jellyfish craft. How to make a Cupcake Liner Jellyfish Craft Supplies Blue … Read more