What Pet Should I Get? Inspired Paper Plate Pets

We were so excited to learn about the newly discovered classic Dr Seuss story, What Pet Should I Get?  We just had to come up with a fun preschool craft to do after reading the story, so we made our very own paper plate pets (they are so much easier to look after than the real thing). This post … Read more

30 Awesome Paper Plate Crafts

30 paper plate crafts for kids

We love making Paper Plate Crafts. Paper plates are cheap to buy and you can make so many awesome things with them. Here are some of our favourite Paper Plate Crafts to try at home with your kids. And most of these crafts only need paint and glue and other simple craft items adding to your pile of paper plates. Paper Plate Crafts for Kids … Read more

Simple Bubble Wrap Holly Wreath Decorations

Christmas wreaths are not just for your front door. They look great indoors as well. Especially when your own kids have made them. Our Simple Bubble Wrap Holly Wreaths are also a great way to re-use all of that bubble wrap arriving with your Christmas shopping. Time is ticking on now and our Christmas preparations … Read more

Paper Plate Poppy Crafts for Remembrance Sunday

Our paper plate poppy crafts are perfect to sit down and do with your children, as you explain to the significance of Remembrance Day or Veterans Day to them. Will you try our Bubble Wrap Poppies, Torn Paper Poppies or Cork Painted Poppies first? What is Remembrance Sunday or Veterans Day? Remembrance Day is commemorated … Read more

Very Simple Father’s Day Card Ideas

Quick and simple Father’s Day card ideas that your kids can actually make themselves. Here are a few really simple ideas for Father’s Day gifts and cards for kids to make themselves. Nothing is more special for a father, than receiving a card or gift that comes from their child’s own heart. Wax Resist Family Picture for Father’s Day Card Here is … Read more

Paper Plate Mini Beasts – Ladybirds, Bees and Snails

My toddler is obsessed with Mini Beasts. She gets so excited each time she spots a bumble bee or a ladybird, a little too excited at times and a few poor ladybirds have met an untimely end! She doesn’t love all mini-beasts though, she’s not that keen on flies or spiders, as she thinks they’re … Read more