We Love Penguins

We love Penguins in our house and to celebrate “Penguin Awareness Day” on the 20th January, we have been indulging in lots of Penguin shaped arts and crafts activities this week. Bella created a super cute Potato Print Penguin, which you can see over at “Visit from theStork”. We have also had fun cutting and sticking to make … Read more

Autumn Owl Collages

This awesome autumn owl collage is ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolers working on shape recognition, as well as for their older siblings to enjoy alongside them. Ahead of the activity, I cut out circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, stars and diamonds from red, yellow and orange paper to reflect the colours of autumn. I then laid … Read more

Bubblewrap shape printing activity for toddlers and preschoolers

  We love to re-use ordinary household items in our arts and crafts. At the weekend we purchased a new set of wine glasses. They came wrapped in bubblewrap and were placed into a cardboard box for us to bring home safely.  Packaging materials are great to re-use in kids arts and crafts activities and … Read more