Invitation to make…Teacher Appreciation Cards


Invitation to make…Teacher Appreciation cards

teacher appreication cards

The school year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to make our Teacher Appreciation cards. I have helped out a lot in my sons’ school this year and I have so much admiration for their teachers. I wish I could command a room with my 3 children in, half as well as their teachers do with nearly 30 kids in each class! They must have magical powers (and they definitely have a lot more patience than I could ever possess). So the very least we can do, to thank them for all of their hard work, is to put extra special effort into creating them a really lovely teacher appreciation card.

Freddie is coming to the end of his first year in “big school” and we couldn’t be happier with how well his teacher has brought him along. His confidence has grown so much and he is ending the year a competent and more importantly enthusiastic reader and writer. I think he’ll almost be disappointed to be off for 9 weeks of summer holidays! Liam has had his current teacher for two years now, so this will be the last card he makes for her, so he wanted to make it a good one. He doesn’t seem phased though by having a new teacher next year, I’d say I’m probably more anxious about it!

Invitation to make…Teacher Appreciation Cards

It was easy to decide what materials to use for our teacher appreciation cards this year. We were lucky enough to receive a selection of very bright and cheerful samples from the brand new “Neon Collection” from We are big fans of their card making products and these brightly coloured materials are perfect to engage kids in a spot of card making.

Neon collection from docrafts

I wanted the kids to use their own ideas as much as possible for their cards, so I set up an Invitation to make… activity for them. I laid out the materials for them to choose from and then sat back and let them create (well in between refereeing whose turn it was for the glue, picking up buttons from the floor and generally shielding the boys cards from their little sister!).

kids making  teacher appreciation cards

They both worked really hard on their cards and can’t wait to hand them over on the last day of term.

teacher appreciation 2 teacher appreciation card

We had lots of supplies left over at the end of the activity, so the following day we put them to good use making Father’s Day cards. The neon colours were perfect to create friendly “Daddy Monsters”. Bella was so proud of hers she has given it do her daddy already!

daddy monster fathers day cards


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  1. My son’s teacher has really helped me a lot. There are a massive improvement onmy son because of his school and his teacher. We are planning on doing something like this! #letkidsbekids

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