The Wheels on the Bus: Bubblewrap Craft


The Wheels on the Bus bubblewrap craft with wheels that really do go round and round.

wheels on the bus bubble wrap bus

It’s Rhyme Time again and this fortnight we are sharing bus themed activities for kids to accompany the nursery rhyme “The Wheels on the Bus.” I made a bus bubblewrap craft with my 3 year old daughter, although her big brothers did sneak in a little help at the end. Don’t forget to check out what other bus activities my Rhyme Time buddies have been upto as well at the bottom of this post.

Regular readers will already know that we love using bubblewrap in our activities (it could even be bordering on obsession now!) and we are always looking for an excuse to add some bubble popping into our activities. And today we have some very exciting news about our very first bubblewrap activity “How to make a Bubblewrap Jellyfish”. Our jellyfish have been featured in a fantastic new book! Learning with Play: 150+ Activities for Year-round Fun & Learning, which I have co-authored with over 90 amazing bloggers from the Kid Blogger Network. The book is available in print, kindle and the eBook is available to download at an amazing $9.95 (normal price $14.95) until July 14th. Click here to download your copy now!

The Wheels on the Bus Bubblewrap Craft

You will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Bubblewrap
  • Yellow and Black Paint
  • Brushes
  • Foam Circles
  • Split Pins

How to do it:

Make a cardboard template in the shape of a bus and glue onto a sheet of bubblewrap. Carefully cut around the bubblewrap (this is best done by an adult or older child under supervision as bubblewrap can be tricky to cut) to create your bubbly template.


bubblewrap craft bus template

Repeat this process with 2 circles of white card for the wheels.

Paint over the bubblewrap on the wheels with black paint and leave to dry.

painting bus bubblewrap craft wheels

Paint over the bubblewrap on the bus template with yellow paint and carefully press this down onto a sheet of paper to create your bus.

bus bubblewrap craft

Glue on 3 foam circles to for the windows. Add on some faces if you like (Bella got a little help from her big brothers here). And don’t forget to add the driver.

bus bubblewrap craft windows

Glue a small circle into each of the wheels and then push a split pin through the centre and then push this through the paper where you want to attach the wheels and secure it in place.

You wheels will now go round and round!

Play and sing along with your child as you enjoy singing “The Wheels on the Bus.

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