Tissue Paper Canvas Art for Kids


Do you know what happens to tissue paper when you pour water over it? Find out when you create your own Tissue Paper Canvas Art Project. 

TIssue paper collage on canvas

It seems to be one sick day after the other for somebody in our house right now. Hurry  up Spring, we are so sick of these Winter bugs now! To cheer my son up on a recent sick day, we sat down enjoy a Tissue Paper Canvas Art Project together.

We decided on a Valentines Day theme for our project,  as we will be putting up our decorations soon. But you could choose any colour theme that you wanted. We have also enjoyed creating some rainbow themed St Patrick’s Day art, using this same technique. 

Valentine’s Day Tissue Paper Canvas Art

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Ahead of the activity

Cut or tear tissue paper into small squares.

Bleeding tissue paper art for kids

We began by sticking water down the tissue paper pieces onto the canvas with water. Using a paintbrush to brush over water to hold each piece in place.

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The tissue paper then needs to be left to completely dry out. I sped up this process by popping it into our utility room, where the washer and dryer seem to be permanently only right now. 

Once dry it was then time to peel back the tissue paper pieces. They had left behind a beautiful splodge of colour. The colour had bled out of the water soaked tissue paper. 

Peeling tissue paper off a canvas board

Then as were working to a Valentines theme, I cut out heart shapes for my son to cover in glue and dip into glitter, ready for adding onto our collage.

Covering hearts in glitter for a valentines day collage

Then all that was needed to finish off our canvas art project with a few sprinkles of glitter (you can never have too much glitter).

Tissue Paper Canvas Art for Kids

Have you been decorating at home yet for Valentines Day? We hope to add some Marbled Hearts and make some of these Easy Valentine’s Day Magazine Collages.

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