Traditional Musical Party Games for Kids

Traditional musical party games for kids

The next guest to arrive at Crafty Kids at Home’s 1st birthday party is bringing the musical party games with her. Welcome to Helen from Peakle Pie, who is going to sharing fun ideas for traditional musical birthday party games. What are your favourite party games from your childhood?

Hello! I’m Helen and Peakles is my four year old daughter. Peakles and I have been crafting, learning, playing for many years now and I write about it all on our blog called Peakle Pie. We make up our own games and act out stories too. Peakles is very proud of what we do and will tell everybody she can that she is Peakle Pie! I try to maintain that ‘hands on’ feel with our site and Peakles is involved with every craft and activity featured.

Traditional Musical Games to Play at a Party

Peakles loves traditional party games especially when she is at a party with her friends. There are many different variations but here are her favourite musical ones!

Musical Chairs

As Peakles has got older she likes this one more. It can be a bit daunting for little ones and definitely needs adult supervision to make sure that boisterous children can be shown how to play nicely!

How to Play

Put some chairs out in a line and have two grownups at either end. When the music is playing all the children walk in the same direction around the line of chairs. They have to walk around the two grownups who are standing at the either end. When the music stops the children have to find an empty chair and sit down. When the music starts then everyone one walks around again. One of the grownups removes a chair after each time the music stops so there is never enough chairs and the person without a chair to sit on is out. The winner is the last person sitting down on a chair!

child playing musical chairs

Musical Statues

This is one of her favourite games! She likes to dance about with her friends and then tries really hard to win!

How to Play

The children dance about whilst the music is playing. When the music stops all the children have to stay still – like a statue! If someone moves and a grownup sees them then they are out. The music begins again until everyone is out apart from the winner!

child playing musical statues

Musical Bumps

Peakles and her friends like this game especially now they are older and understand the basic rules of Musical Statues!

How to Play

The music plays and the children dance about. When the music stops they all have to sit down. The last person left standing is out. The game continues until there is only one person left and they are the winner!

child playing musical bumps

Pass The Parcel

This is a lovely game that toddlers and supervised babies can join in with too! In fact Peakles really likes it when a baby sister or brother joins in and gets excited with them if the music stops for them.

How to Play

This takes a little preparation before you can play the game. A present is wrapped up in different layers of paper. Sometimes smaller presents are wrapped with each layer.

All the children sit in a circle and the music is played. The children pass the parcel and when the music stops the child who is holding the parcel can remove one layer of wrapping. As soon as this is done the music starts and the parcel gets passed around again. The child who unwraps the last layer of paper keeps the present inside.

Peakles loves party games and wishes Crafty Kids at Home a really super blog birthday!

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