Tuff Spot Quiet Time Activities

tuff tray quiet time activities
Tuff Spot Quiet Time Activities
We love using our Tuff Spot tray in our activities at home,
so we were delighted to be invited along to take part in Adventure of Adams A-Z Tuff Spot Challenge. We were handed the very challenging letter Q (and we will
be back later in the week with S!). I am going to be sharing ideas with you on
how to use a Tuff Spot for toddler quiet time activities.
A Tuff Spot is a really useful piece of kit. For those of
you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a large plastic tray which is
traditionally used by builders to mix cement. But now it is the hottest new
piece of kit to have in your playroom. It is perfect for setting up pretend play
scenarios in, creating your very own small world’s to play with and it can come
in very useful for arts and crafts activities.


My daughter Bella is at that excruciating period of
toddlerhood where she is dropping her daytime nap. We all dread this time
arriving, as that precious naptime is as important to us Mummies as it is to
our toddlers. It might be the only time we get to run and around and tidy the
house or just sit down and have a well-earned cuppa, if it’s been a particularly
fraught morning.
Bella is my third child, so you would think I would be used
to this transition by now, but I don’t think any mummy willingly gives up naptimes!
I have tried to be a bit more creative though this time around (after failing
miserably to manage the boys transition). Instead of trying to just keep going
or keep feeding her to keep her awake, I have been introducing a period of
quiet time after lunch, which is when she would normally have slept. This is a
time for her to wind down and have a rest from the constant activity of the day
and it can provide me with a few minutes to wash the dishes or to sit down with
her and have a little chill out (cat nap!) with her.

Q is for Quiet Time Tuff Spot Activities

I have been using our Tuff Spot for a good few of our quiet
time sessions. It is a really handy way to try and get her to sit in one spot
for a few minutes and to focus her attention on just a small set of toys or
a simple activity to help give her whirring toddler mind a rest period as well. I try to
bring it out of the playroom during these times and bring it into the
kitchen beside me. This helps to remove the distractions of the other toys
which might frustrate her at this time.The kinds of activities that we have
been doing at quiet time are:



The main thing is that it encourages her to just sit and
play without being over stimulated or being faced with too many choices at a
time of day when she can’t always handle them.What are your favourite Tuff Spot Activities?


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  1. What a great idea! Losing the nap was not a good time for us… sadly we're way past it now! I do try to have some quiet time after lunch though… #letkidsbekids

  2. We've never had a tuff spot, but N loves playing messy activities when he goes to events with them set out. Usually rice or pasta, cereals and diggers to play with. Good luck with losing the nap time.

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