Valentine Cupcake Sensory Play


Do your kids love to “bake”? Encourage budding imaginations and build strong fine motor skills, with our Valentine Cupcake Sensory Play for kids. 

Valentines Cupcake Sensory Play

I don’t know why, but whenever I set up a Sensory Play activity that involves scooping, mixing and pouring, we always seem to end up with a batch of “pretend cupcakes”. Not that i’m complaining (although it does usually leave me feeling hungry for the real thing!). Adding their own imagination to  a sensory play activity is what it’s all about. It really is brilliant to watch a few simple supplies transport them to a world of  pretend play or story telling.

Valentine  Cupcake Sensory Play

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Valentines Day cupcakes pretend play

How to Dye Rice for Sensory Play

I simply added rice to a zip-loc bag along with a few drops of red food colouring. I then fastened the bag and gave it a vigorous shake and rub until all of the rice was coated in the red dye. Finally pouring the coloured rice out onto a tray and left it to dry.

Once dry, I filled a disposable roasting tray with the rice and added the rest of the “ingredients”. I dug out our handy fine motor tools set and we were ready to play.

Valentine Cupcakes fine motor play with rice

Pretend Baking

I set up this sensory play activity for my son who was home sick from school. He was miserable and bored and doing this activity really cheered him up.

He enjoyed scooping the love filled rice into the silicone cupcake cases and topping them off with pom-pom cherries and red feathers, before offering them to me as a “snack”.

Valentines Sensory Rice Play activity

Inevitably playing with rice leads to a few spillages, I usually get the kids involved in the clean up, but I let my son of this duty as he wasn’t feeling too well. The  next activity on our sick day list is this Valentines Play Dough.

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