Valentine’s Heart Painting with Waterbeads



Waterbeads are a firm favourite with my kids and we are
always looking for new ways to use them in our activities. Our favourites so
far have been our “Pretend Baking” and “Witches Bubbling Brew” messy play
activities. I have been trying to think of a way to incorporate
waterbeads into one of our arts and crafts projects for a while now and this
week I decided to try out an idea I’d had. So I embarked on an experimental
painting session with Bella one morning whilst the boys were busy in school. We
painted some Valentines love hearts using waterbeads, paint and then added in
some shaving foam. This turned out to be a very lively activity and maybe a
little messier than I was expecting, but Bella found it all absolutely
hilarious so it was all (just about) worth it!

I cut out a big pile of paper hearts all ready for painting
and we set to work. The first thing we tried, after securing the heart into the
centre of a deep tray using masking tape, was to add in a few splodges of paint
and a handful of waterbeads over the paper heart. I then encouraged Bella to
lift the tray and swirl the waterbeads around in the paint and the result
was…paint covered waterbeads all over the table and floor! I had grossly
underestimated the power Bella had to swirl them around the tray. I can see the
funny side of it now looking back at this short video, but I wasn’t as happy
when the activity was taking place.
Not one to give up we forged ahead with a new technique. We
added some waterbeads to a bowl along with a splodge of pink paint and Bella
mixed this all together until the waterbeads were nicely coated in the paint.
She then spooned them into the tray over another taped down heart. This time
she swirled them around using a paintbrush. There were still a few escapees,
but nothing like the carnage of our first attempt.


We couldn’t possibly use our waterbeads without adding in
some shaving foam fun as well. Waterbeads and shaving foam are a fab
combination, so we loaded up our tray again. This time with a layer of shaving
foam and then Bella spooned in some of the paint covered waterbeads. Bella got
stuck in with her hands and then she pressed a heart shaped piece of paper down
onto the tray to print a lovely swirly pattern onto it.


Then Bella being Bella
had to get her hands and arms fully submerged into the mixture. She then did
some lovely foamy handprints onto another heart to finish of the activity.
Bella then spent another 10 mins playing around in a bowl of
warm water to clean up all of the paint and shaving foam that she was covered
in. This provide a lovely extension to the activity, which gave me chance to
pick up all of the waterbead escapees from the floor and wipe down the table
around her.


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