Very Simple Father’s Day Card Ideas


Quick and simple Father’s Day card ideas that your kids can actually make themselves.

wax resist fathers day card

Here are a few really simple ideas for Father’s Day gifts and cards for kids to make themselves. Nothing is more special for a father, than receiving a card or gift that comes from their child’s own heart.

Wax Resist Family Picture for Father’s Day Card

Here is a lovely idea which all of your children can contribute to and make one lovely big card for Daddy.

You will need:  a large piece of white card; wax; crayons; blue and green paint; paint pot; brushes; water.

  1. Encourage each child to draw a picture onto the paper using wax crayons.
  2. Add blue paint and green paint to individual pots and add a few splashes of
    water to each and mix well. Use this to paint over the wax crayon pictures to create the sky and the grass. Wax resists water, so it creates a really lovely effect.
  3. A lovely way to finish off the card would be to get your children to make a
    hand print each inside the card.

Simple Father’s Day Card Magazine Collage

My sons love to make collages.  I like to keep a stash of free supermarket magazines and old newspaper glossy supplements as they are very handy for the kids to practise their cutting skills on and create lovely collages with. This wouldn’t be suitable for my toddler yet, but it’s a perfect craft for my 4 and 6 year old boys.  Pre-schoolers will benefit from this activity especially because not only do they get to create a unique card for Daddy, they also get to show off their letter recognition skills.

 fathers day magazine collage card

You will need: a few magazines, scissors, card, glue

  1. Fold a piece of coloured card into two.
  2. Go through magazines and snip out all of the letters needed to make “Happy
    Father’s Day” or whatever message you want to put onto the card.
  3. Glue the letters onto the card.

Lolly Stick Frame for Father’s Day

This is a lovely craft if you want to incorporate a photograph or maybe some hand or prints into your card.  You can simply add the frame over your photograph or prints to gives them a lovely finish.

Fathers Day Lolly Stick Frame

Decorate a Paper Plate for Father’s Day

Using a paper plate instead of the more traditional shape of a card can add a bit of extra fun. You could even turn it into a big badge by adding a safety pin to the back of it.

Here are a few ideas on how you could decorate your plates:

  1. Draw a picture on it.
  2. Make a magazine collage on it.
  3. Add a photograph to it.
  4. Write a special message on it.
  5. Turn it into a face.
  6. Add ribbons or streamers to it.
  7. Make it into a ball or a car wheel.

What ideas do you have for Father’s Day this year?


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