Waterbeads Fine Motor Station


Soothe away tiredness and late afternoon frustrations with a simple set up Waterbeads Fine Motor Station. 

Waterbeads Scoop and Pour Station to work on Fine Motor Skills

It’s getting towards the end of the school term and everybody is feeling the strain. It is taking that bit longer to get out of the house each morning for school and don’t even mention afternoon homework time.

When my kids have the end of term grumps, I turn to Water Play to help soothe away their frustrations and help us inch every closer the dinner-time and their all-important bedtime!

Setting up a Waterbeads Fine Motor Station

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Child scooping waterbeads during a fine motor skills activity

Adding Waterbeads to a water play activity always ups the ante another notch around here. Their soft and slippy texture is instantly intriguing to inquisitive little hands. It can be a little frustrating when they get scattered all over the floor, but it helps to extend the activity as it becomes a challenge to see who can pick up the most up of the floor.

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Never leave small children unattended when they are playing with waterbeads. They are NOT taste safe and if your child does accidentally swallow one please seek medical advice. 

Water Play for kids with waterbeads

The simple action of scooping and pouring is instinctive when you hand your children the correct tools for the job. My daughter in particular can repeat this motion over and over again using water, sand, rice or beans as well. It’s a really simple activity to set up when you need a break to get the dinner started  (or to enjoy a quick cuppa after the lengthy school runs!).

Water Play for Kids Activity

Scooping, pouring, squeezing, squashing and whisking during the activity are all great actions to increase the strength of your children’s fine motor skills, which helps them a great deal with other tasks. Kids need strong fingers and wrists to help them write, fasten their own clothes and cut up their own food for example.

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