Watercolour Love Hearts Process Art Activity


Why not work on a ┬ábeautiful Watercolor Love Hearts Process Art activity with a friend this Valentine’s Day?

 Watercolour Love Hearts Process Art Activity ideal Valentines Day

The boys were out for the day, so Bella was enjoying some quality time with her neighborhood BFF. They played with their dolls for a time, but then they started to tire of this and I soon caught them raiding the Christmas sweet supplies! Before they could get up to any more mischief, I stepped in with a simple love heart themed process art activity for them both.

Watercolour Love Hearts Process Art

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Ahead of the Activity

I loaded paper plates with pink and red paint and set out paper and love heart shaped cookie cutters for them, whilst they munched on their apples.

Kids Painted Love Hearts Valentines Art Project

They worked together side by side, taking turns to dip the different sized cookie cutters into the red and paint and then stamp them over their sheets of white paper.

Kids Painting Water Colour Hearts

Picking up the paintbrushes I had laid out for them, they began to fill in their love hearts with water colour paints. This part of the activity took a little more concentration, as they both tried really hard not to paint outside of the lines. The water colour paints created a lovely contrast to the bolder painted borders of the love hearts.

Valentines Watercolour Love Heart Art Project for Kids

They happily worked away on their paintings until Bella’s friends dad arrived to take her home. We said goodbyes and Bella’s friend happily skipped home with her Valentines art project.

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