We Love Penguins


heart penguin collage

We love Penguins in our house and to celebrate “Penguin Awareness Day” on the 20th January, we have been indulging in lots of Penguin shaped arts and crafts activities this week.

Bella created a super cute Potato Print Penguin, which you can see over at “Visit from theStork”.

We have also had fun cutting and sticking to make a Penguin Shape Collage, to turn into a Valentine’s Card for daddy.

Bella is really enjoying cutting and sticking activities at the moment and as we are carrying on with reinforcing the different shapes with her as well, this was a perfect project combining the two activities. She had fun going mad with a glue stick and she got to do a spot of learning along the way as well. 

How to make a Penguin Shape Collage Picture

For each Penguin you will need:
  • 1 A4 sheet of blue paper
  • 1 black oval
  • 2 black triangles
  • 3 orange triangles
  • 1 white heart
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 2 white squares
  • 2 white rectangles
  1. Start by gluing the black oval into the centre of the blue sheet of paper.heart penguin collage
  2. Add on one black triangle either side of the body to create the Penguins wings.
  3. Glue on the white heart into the centre of the body.heart penguin collage
  4. Stick 2 of the orange triangles along the bottom of the oval shape to create the feet.heart penguin collage
  5.  Add on the googly eyes.
  6. Glue on the final orange triangle to make the Penguins beak.
  7. Take the white squares and triangles and glue these around the Penguin to create a snowy, icy landscape around him.
I was on hand to guide Bella through creating her penguin and chatting to her about the shapes she was using as the activity progressed, but ultimately she decided how her finished penguin looked.
I quite like the general wonkiness of her penguin and considering she is only 2, it’s not a bad effort. By the time it came to add on the squares and rectangles of ice though, she had lost interest, so we just left them out.
I like to give my children as much freedom as possible to explore the materials I have laid out for each activity and let them decide on which things they do and do not want to use. This is great for their confidence and self-esteem. Bella’s penguin is now already to be turned into a cute Valentine’s Day card for the daddy.

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