What my kids made today


I was feeling a little weary this morning after a late night
family BBQ.  So when the kids asked if
they could “do making” at 7.30am this
morning, I just couldn’t get my brain into gear to actually prepare an activity
to sit down and do with them. I really just wanted to curl up on the sofa with
my cup of herbal tea and catch up with a bit of reading for a few minutes
before facing the day.
 It s times like this
I m really grateful for our “Making Boxes”. I like to keep a stash of different
types of paper, bit and pieces such as pipe cleaners, pom poms, googly eyes,
glitter, odd bits of cardboard, bottle tops etc along with pens, pencils,
scissors, glue and sticky tape in a few little boxes all ready to bring out at
times like this.  I got down these boxes,
handed them over to the kids and instructed them to “Make something” whilst I
sat down to enjoy my cup of tea.  
 They worked away for a good 20 minutes or so, a bit less for
my 2 year old and they were so proud of their achievements at the end of
it.  It’s great for a child’s confidence
and imagination if they are left to create something for themselves from time
to time.  It’s unrealistic and very
unhelpful to your child to make every arts and crafts activity very structured.  Sometimes it’s great to just provide them
with a few craft materials to help unleash their own ideas. It’s very rewarding
then to see their imaginations at work. 
It’s an added bonus as well that you can get to enjoy your cup of tea in
relative peace at the same time.
 I did pay for my 20 minutes “off” though as they did leave a
heap of glitter and bits of paper and wool all over the floor. This was mainly
the product of giving my toddler free reign to explore the contents of the
making boxes.  But this was quickly swept
up and the kid’s proud faces as they showed off their creations to me more than
made up for this.
What do you make sure you always have in your “Making Box”?
We couldn’t do without our googly eyes and glitter!

16 thoughts on “What my kids made today”

  1. My craft box is also never without googly eyes! It's great that they can just sit and use the materials as they like and let their imaginations run wild. #letkidsbekids

  2. These making boxes are such a great idea and something I really need to start doing. LP loves being creative when she has the opportunity but we really don't do it enough. This is definitely something that I would love to become an ordinary moment for us!

  3. Googly eyes are definitely a must, and in our house rubber stamps will get a fair amount of attention – Kitty likes to make stories with the stamps and then stamp them out in order!

  4. I really love this idea, we always have a craft box but it's not as special as this, I must improve on this. What I do have is a baking box, fully stocked ready to 'lets bake' as Lil G calls it x

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