What we made this weekend


We’ve enjoyed another stunning autumn weekend over here on
the East coast of Ireland.  The sun has been shining, so this morning we
ventured out on a family walk and picnic along Bray promenade. Autumn is by far
my favourite season. I love the crisp sunny days it often bring and the
gorgeous changing colours of the nature all around us.
We have also been busy baking, crafting and sewing this
weekend.  On Saturday my eldest son was
out at a friend’s birthday party, so I decided to do some baking with his
younger siblings. I mixed up a batch of “Chocolate Chip Buns” in our electric
mixer and then the two of them got busy filling the bun cases.  I also let my 4 year old break the eggs and
help measure out the ingredients into the mixer.  My 2 year old mainly enjoyed pinching a few
chocolate chips and licking the spoon! 
I don’t know why, but my two sons always seem to wake up on
Sunday morning with the urge to make something. 
Luckily I had a few things in mind for today.  I have been looking for an excuse to make
some princess crafts for a while now, as my own little princess is getting that
bit bigger and is starting to assert her own ideas into our arts and crafts
sessions. This weekend gave me the perfect excuse, as my middle son has been
learning the letter P in school.  We have
got into the habit of focusing a couple of our activities on the letters he has
been working though. This is to help reinforce his learning and it’s a great
introduction to letters for my toddler.
My granny had given me a big box of different ribbons
recently and I thought that these would be great to use to design some princess
gown with.  I set the kids the task of
sketching an outline of a princess onto a sheet of white paper and then they
choose pieces of ribbon to decorate their princesses’ dresses.  Now I set out with the idea of creating
“Pretty Princesses” but it seems my eldest son had other ideas. He decided to
give his princess fangs and make her into a “Vampire Princess”. I think he is a
bit preoccupied with thoughts of Halloween right now, as we have been working
on our Halloween costumes this weekend as well.

We aren’t actually going to be around to go out “Trick or
Treating” this year. However, the boy’s school does have a big Halloween bash
on the last day of term, so they both need costumes for this. In the past I
have always bought costumes, but this year I decided to put my newly acquired
sewing skills to the test and I promised them home-made ones. I had picked up a
great book at our local bookshop last year with patterns and instructions for
dressing up costumes and it has a great Halloween section to choose from. The
boys have been pouring over this all week and eventually they selected a wizard
and a vampire.  I did get a bit of a shock
when I went to purchase the material as it was very expensive, so I just hope I
can rise to the challenge and make them both a wearable costume.  I’m doing ok so far as I have just about
finished the cape and waistcoat for the vampire costume. I’ll keep you posted
on how I get on…

Do you like to make costumes for your kids to wear?

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