Who wants an Ice-cream?


Puffy Paint Ice Cream Collages.

puffy paint ice cream collage

This week we’ve been getting stuck into some ice-cream inspired arts and crafts activities  in celebration of the many we’ve been eating due to the (mostly!) lovely sunny weather we’ve been enjoying.

First on our list was to create some puffy paint ice-cream pictures. Puffy paint is something I keep reading about but it’s not something we’d tackled before. But it sounded perfect for whipping up some ice-cream pictures with.

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How to make Puffy Paint

 Puffy Paint is basically an equal mix of glue and shaving foam (we used a cheap supermarket brand) and then you just add your own “flavour”. 

puffy paint ice cream collage

We added a few drizzles of green paint to my 6 year olds sons “mint ice-cream” and a few drizzles of green paint and a dash cocoa powder to my 4 year olds “mint-chocolate ice-cream”. This smelt better than it looked but he was delighted with it. My daughter mixed up
her favourite pink paint into her mixture with a little help to create her favourite “Strawberry ice-cream”. I let my two sons loose on the shaving foam can and they thought it was hilarious when it came squirting out!

I cut out “ice-cream cones” out of scraps of cardboard. We then glued them onto paper and drew the outlines of our ice-creams with pencil ready to be filled with the puffy paint.

puffy paint ice cream collage

The kids had a great time using brushes to load up their ice-creams, they certainly didn’t hold back when it came to the toppings either. We used some glitter and some shiny stars in place of their favourite “ice-cream sprinkles”.

The session was a big success and we had a whole shop full of ice-creams made by the end of it.

puffy paint ice cream collage
The post-activity clean up operation wasn’t as messy as I had imagined, so we’ll definitely be mixing up more puffy paint in future activities. Any suggestions on what else we could make with it?

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  1. Hi!

    I'm looking forward to Gwenn being old enough to get into "making", although I suspect I will be a massive disappointment to her because I am USELESS! At least there are blogs like yours that can give me a helping hand.

    Visiting from the Mad Midweek Blog Hop!

  2. Great idea. I always love trying different textures etc for punting and creativity. Their ice creams look great.
    Thanks for linking #letKidsbeKids

  3. That looks like a lot of fun, it's so great to get creative and messy with the children, my daughters would love this as it is so tactile and sensory #MMWBH (My Family Ties)

  4. Looks like a great idea, think we will be trying this one very soon, I love how you put the cones on the plate… creates a framed creation straight away 😉

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