This week over here in Ireland
we have said goodbye to winter and welcomed the arrival of spring. Spring
arrives a whole month earlier to Ireland
before the UK
and a good month and a half before it hits the US.
This is due to Irish Catholic tradition decreeing that St Brigid brings Spring
each year on February 1st. The boys delighted in telling me all
about this after their special school assembly last week.
The weather isn’t feeling particularly spring-like yet, it
was 0.5 degrees on the school run on Tuesday. But the garden is starting to show
signs of new life, which is a sure sign of the new season. We planted a
selection of bulbs back in the autumn and little shoots are popping their heads
out of the gradually warming soil. The rhubarb plant that we planted out last
year has just shown us its first new pink shoots as well. We didn’t harvest any of it
last year, as we were advised to leave it alone for the first year and not eat
the first crop. This will leave us with a much stronger and more fruitful plant
this year. Only time will tell on this, but we sure are looking forward to our
first Rhubarb crumble! Do you have any other good rhubarb recipes just in case
we do get a bumper crop?
We celebrated the publication of our final winter craft of
the season earlier this week. We were approached by last year to
write then an article to on Inspiration page of their website. We sent along a
tutorial on how to make a snowman picture using leftover packaging materials.
Click here to have a read.
We are looking ahead to spring now in our activities and
crafts and have put together our Spring Bucket List, which we will be working
through over the coming months. What else would you add? And we have also had a go at our first spring arts
and crafts activity, Bubble wrap spring lambs.
spring bucket list
Spring Bucket List
bubble wrap spring lamb
Bubble wrap Spring Lamb

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8 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. Oh, to see the back of winter! But you're right, the bulbs should soon be coming up and I do so love the springtime. I didn't realise winter ended sooner in Ireland, so thanks for the education! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Aww congrats with the Wayfair article! What an amazing opportunity. Sadly much as I want it to be spring already its not yet in here as well. This morning's school run was my coldest as of yet. #wotw

  3. I would love to see some signs of spring 🙂 Like the look of your bucket list, perhaps I should make one to take my mind off the snow! I didn't know that the first day of spring was Feb 1st in Ireland, and my husband is Irish! Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

  4. Spring is a fascinating time of year, I love seeing how the fields and gardens change…Although 0.5 is still very much winter temperatures in my book!

    I used to love eating sticks sticks of rhubarb straight off the plant as a child. It's probably what made my hair curl!


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