Witches Bubbling Discovery Brew


Will you dare to plunge your hand into the bubbles to see what “surprises” lie beneath them in our Witches Bubbling Brew?

Witches Brew with Bubbles Sensory Play for Kids

Challenge your kids to dip their hands into the bubbles to seek and find each of the ingredients contained within the witches brew. This Halloween sensory play activity is ideal for toddlers, preschoolers and older children to play along with together.

Witches Bubbling Discovery Brew Recipe

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How to make Bubbly Witches Brew

  1. Put all of the ingredients into a large bowl.
  2. Add a dash of washing up liquid (dish soap).
  3. Fill half way with warm water.
  4. Pop in a straw and blow bubbles until all of the ingredients are hidden beneath the bubbles.

Hiding the ingredients under the bubbles add another level of spooky Halloween fun to this sensory activity. Prepare yourself for the squeals of delight when you show it to your kids!

Exploring the Witches Bubbling Brew

I set the bowl down in the centre of the table on top of a towel. I then asked each of my children in turn to find one of the ingredients by searching through the bubbles with their hands. This resulted in lots of squealing and giggling as they searched and stumbed against the different materials and textures.

Exploring a witches bubbling brew
After they had each had a turn, they then blew through the straws to make even more bubbles! This then made it harder (and scarier!)  for the next person to find their ingredient in the witches brew.
kids playing with a witches brew blowing bubbles
They soon got bored of taking it in turns though and decided to all dive in together. They had such fun pulling out each of the ingredients out and waving them around to “scare” each othe. The more they played with this activity the more bubbly it got! My little girl thought it was absolutely hilarious, as the bubbles kept getting bigger and bigger and she just wanted to keep making more!

Activity Extension Ideas

  • You could make this activity even spookier by adding in some food colouring to turn it a different colour.
  • Vary the contents to make them more or less spooky depending on your own children’s tastes.
  • Make some bubble pictures along the way as well by placing a sheet of paper down onto the bubbles during the activity, if you have added in some food colouring.

What ingredients would you add in to your “Witches Brew”?

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    • It was really fun watching my kids pulling out the different things. It's amazing how by giving something ordinary a different name can change their perspecitve on how it feels etc.

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