Really Useful Back to School Tips from a Mom


Do you spend most of summer break stressing about getting everything ready for Back to School? Follow our Back to School Tips to cut the stress and maximize your summer holiday fun.

Back to School Tips from a Mom

We have all enjoyed and reaped the benefits of our relaxed summer routines. Betimes have been later (for all of us). Mornings have been lazier and relaxed (the kids can now make their own breakfast. Result). And our days have been filled with simple trips to the beach and playground, plus catching up with friends and family.

Activity time has been low key and simple set up as well. On sunny days we have included making Mud Pies, eating Picnics in our Backyard and making Collages down on the Beach. Then on rainy days we turned to our painting supplies and tried out Tinfoil Painting, Painting with Dinosaurs and Explored Pointillism.

But with Fall just around the corner and less than 2 weeks until the kids head Back to School, it’s time to start thinking about the new routines ahead. Our mornings are set to get even busier. I now have 3 kids to get out to school on time. My baby girl is heading out to school with her big brothers this time (don’t even ask how I am feeling about this!).

Getting everything organised for all three of my kids has felt a lot like a military operation this summer. But with careful planning and good organisation I think we are almost ready now.

Our Back to School Tips

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School Books – Print out your books lists at the start of the holidays and place your order asap.

School Uniforms – Make a list of all the items of uniforms that you need to buy and purchase a few items each week to spread the cost and the shopping stress. Shop around and keep an eye out for special offers as well. A lot of stores run promotions at the start of the holidays (just remember your kids may grow a lot during the summer break).

Labeling – Save time with a Laundry Pen to write your child’s name onto clothes, rather than sewing them all in by hand (how did my mum find the time to even do this!?!). And for books buy a pad of blank stickers to write your child’s name on.

Bags and Stationary – Go shopping for school bags and stationary supplies together towards the end of the holidays. This provides a relaxed time to chat together about the year ahead and you must remember how fun it was picking out your brand new pencil case?

Bedtime Routines – Start to rein in on the late bedtimes 1-2 weeks before the kids head back to school. This will help you to get them up and out of bed on time when they do go back.

School Lunches – If you going to be taking in packed lunches then have a trial run with them before school starts back. Why not turn it into a fun end of summer break picnic? This will help to ensure that your kids can open and close everything confidently.

What tips have you learnt along the way which would help other moms out?

If you like to add a home-made touch to your back to school supplies then read this post.

Back to School Lunch Ideas

We don’t have the option of a hot school dinner in our school, so it’s packed lunches every day for my kids. This can soon become a chore. I know I made a lot more ham sandwiches than my kids would have liked, towards the end of the last school year.

This year I plan to mix up sandwich time using different bread rolls, pitta breads, bagels and crackers. Plan to bake healthy muffins and treats once a week and utilise last nights dinner leftovers where possible as well.

I love these Back to School Lunch Hacks from Sunny Day Family.

How do you keep up the momentum with school lunches? I am always on the look out for new ideas and inspiration.

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