Claudi and Fin Frozen Yoghurt Lolly – A review by Multicraftingmummy

Clauid and Fin Frozen Yoghurt Lollies


have a love/hate relationship with sugar in our house. We love eating it, but then
we all suffer the consequences. I spent far too much at the dentist last year
with my 7 year old son for fillings and a very traumatic extraction. And I’m
convinced that too much sugar has a negative effect on not only my 5 year old son’s
mood, but also my own. So when a product comes along with 75% less sugar than
its competitors, but claims it is still yummy enough to be classed as a treat,
we jumped at the chance to put it to the test.

received a selection of Claudi and Fin frozen yoghurt lollies free of charge in exchange for a fair and
honest review of the product.
by mummies Lucy Woodhouse and Meriel Kehoe, Claudi and Fin frozen yoghurt lollies are now on
sale in Ireland for the first time in Centra and Super Valu stores across the
country. The lollies come in two different flavours, Strawberry and Mango. They
are made from delicious Greek style yoghurt, whole milk and real fruit. The
lollies contain no artificial ingredients and they are full of Vitamin D, which
can only be a good thing. Here in Ireland 70% of children aged between 1-4 are
deficient in Vitamin D, which can lead to serious issues like rickets and bone
defromities.* Each lollies contains 30% of your child’s recommend daily intake
of Vitamin D.
For more product information please visit the Claudi and Fin website.

what do they taste like?

I unpacked our samples the kids were very eager to try, which means that the
fun, but simple packaging was a winner with them. What something looks like can
be very important to a child. How often have you given your child something to
eat and they’ve refused point blank because they don’t like the look of it? 
claudi and fin lollies


up to be sampled were the mango lollies. We all found these to be very
refreshing (well of course I had to have one as well!) and loaded with tangy
mango flavour. 


following day we tried the strawberry lollies. They tasted a bit more luxurious
than the mango lollies, much creamier in texture, but still full of fruity
strawberry flavour.
was hard to pick a favourite, so of course we had to sample a few more over the
following days and we had to get Daddy and a few other friends involved as well!
But by the end of the week, mango just edged it, although my 5 year old son
disagreed (no change there then!). 
and Fin lollies definitely passed the treat taste test for us and at the
reasonable price of €3.50 for a pack of 4 lollies, we
will be happy to purchase them for the warm weather ahead (we live in hope!) They’ll
also come in very handy for when the kids have friends over for playdates, to
help cool them all down after all of that charging around.


**Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation estimates that
70-84% of Irish children 1-4 years old have very low intakes of Vitamin D: * *



After eating your lollies remember to keep
hold of your lolly sticks. They are perfect to use in your arts and crafts