Back to School Resolutions


Do you find it hard to keep your New Year Resolutions?

Making Back to School Resolutions

Resolutions are traditionally made in January and generally broken by March. The euphoria of December followed by the harsh realities of January, is probably not the best time to set realistic goals for your year ahead. Why not start to make your resolutions in September instead when the kids head back to school?

Back to School Resolutions

This September sees all three of my kids heading out to full-time school for the first time. They’ve all just about grown into their new school uniforms, their shoes are shining and they are all set for their new year of learning ahead.

For the first time in 8 years I am going to have several hours to myself each weekday with no children to take care off. So it feels like the perfect time to set myself some goals for the new year ahead. Plus making resolutions now puts you under so much less pressure than when everybody it talking about them in the New Year. 

Take a Home Study Course

It definitely feels like it’s time to dust off a few brain cells and challenge myself to learn something new. I gave up work to care for all of my children full-time. So it has been along time since I attended a formal course or hosted a training session of my own (a big role in my previous life).

I don’t want the pressure of having to attend a class each week right now. My kids are still young, so there are going to get the inevitable sick days ahead and days when I am going to be exhausted to study. Therefore a home study course, which I can do at my own pace is perfect for my needs.

When it came to choosing which degree to study at university I took the practical route. Choosing to study for a BSc(HONS) Information Management to help secure a job in a commercial library or information unit. If I hadn’t been so focused on my career path, then I would have loved to have studied Psychology or Anthropology.

I came across NCC Home Learning whilst searching for a home study course. I was impressed with the wide selection of courses they have on offer. They range from Industry led courses including Teaching, Healthcare and Childcare. Career related course such as studying to become a Beautician, Photography and Proof Reading. And Interest led courses ranging from Nail Art, Criminology and Creative writing.

I decided to apply for the Introduction to Childhood Psychology .

“an insightful home study course to take to gather knowledge about how a child’s mind works and why they behave and react to situation as they do…will help to give you a much clearer understanding of the importance of play in a child’s life, how they think and feel and how they develop in terms of language and social interactions.”

I am really looking forward to doing the course over the next few weeks and months. I’m hoping that it will provide me with a deeper understanding of my own children,  as well as a thorough background on the subject.

A few more goals

As well as taking a home study course I plan to:

  • Practice yoga on a more regular basis.
  • Go on long walks after school drop off at least 3 times a week.
  • Get more organised at home by following a cleaning schedule to keep on top of chores.
  • Challenge myself to write about subjects other than arts and crafts.
  • Read a wider selection of books.

I will update you on how I am getting on before the first school mid-term break.

I’m sure there will be a period of adjustment as we all settle into our new routines. The kids will have more homework and new after school activities to try. And it will feel odd not having a small person around quite so much. But I’m pretty sure I’ll get used to it and it will make me a better mum to them when they all return home.

Back to School Tips from a Mom


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