Fine Motor Tools Pom-Pom Drop


Our fun Pom-Pom Drop Activity using Fine Motor Tools is quick and easy to set up. Making it ideal for those times when you need to keep your preschooler busy on their own.

Fine Motor Skills Pom Pom Drop

Poor Bella is not having a great time of it this month. She is no football fan, so all of the coverage of Euro 2016 is driving her mad. Then when the matches are over, her brothers are straight out again to play and talk about football with their friends.

My boys have a severe case of “Football Fever”.

To be perfectly ┬áhonest, my hubby and I have also got a touch of “Football Fever.”┬áSo in order to keep Bella occupied whilst we cheer on our countries, I have been setting up simple activities for her to play with.

Football Fever

She has enjoyed lots of play dough and colouring so far. And our latest activity had a fine motor skills twist to it.

Fine Motor Skills Pom Pom Drop

Fine Motor Tools Pom Pom Drop

I bought a pack of disposable foil cooking trays in the bargain aisle of our local supermarket recently, just knowing that they would come in handy for something. And they have been perfect for loading activity supplies into for Bella, when we have been watching the match.

For this activity I loaded a bagful of pom-poms into one of the these trays. Then popped in a couple of cardboard tubes and our handy fine motor tools set.

Pom-poms are an excellent fine motor manipulative for preschoolers. They are soft, small and come in lots of different colours.

Fine Motor Skills Pom Pom Drop

I placed the tray down onto the table for Bella without any instructions. I wanted to see what she thought to do with it all by herself. She got stuck straight into it and before too long had the cardboard tubes filled to the top with pom-poms.

Fine Motor Skills Pom Pom Drop

She then tipped them all out and started over. She had fun exploring the different tools, but soon realised that it was much quicker to pick them up with her fingers.

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