Invitation to make…Messy Ice Cream Sundaes


Make these messy ice cream sundaes with your kids using ice cream play dough, water beads. shaving foam and sprinkles.

messy ice cream sundaes for kids pretend play

Do your kids like to eat ice cream sundaes and enjoy messy play? If so, then they will love to make these pretend play messy ice cream sundaes. They are ideal to do with all of your children together (aged 2+) or with a small group of children on a play date.

This activity was inspired by our first attempt at  “Pretend Baking” recipe, making cupcakes with my toddler.

messy ice cream sundaes for kids pretend play

Ingredients to make Messy Ice Cream Sundaes

Coconut Ice cream play dough (see below for details on how to make your own)

Water beads (follow preparation instructions on packet)

Shaving Foam


Tubes of ready-made icing

Cocktail umbrellas


Plastic ice cream bowls

Ice cream scoop


Kitchen towels on standby!

How to make ice cream play dough

I mixed together 1 cup of corn flour with a good few squirts of coconut hair conditioner. It is hard to give an accurate measure, I just kept adding in the conditioner until I’d reached the consistency of play dough. I then placed this into the fridge for a couple of hours to give it the cool feel of ice cream. Don’t chill it for too long though as it might then become very difficult to scoop out during the activity.

Here is an alternative way to make chilled play dough.

How to make pretend play ice cream sundaes

  • Scoop out the ice cream dough using an ice cream scoop and place it into the bottom of the dish.
  • Spoon in the water beads. These are like the fruit pieces in your ice cream sundae.
  • Squirt over the shaving foam cream. I put the shaving foam into a disposable icing bag when I was setting up the activity to save the kids from struggling with squiring it direct from the can. My toddler in particular would not be strong enough for this.
  • Use fingers to scatter the sprinkles over the top of the shaving foam.
  • Squeeze over some ready-made icing.
  • Finish off your pretend ice cream with a cocktail umbrella (You can skip this part if you are concerned about the sharp point at the end of it).

messy ice cream sundaes for kids pretend play

The kids then plunged spoons into their ice cream sundaes and had good fun getting messy pretending to eat them. Please sure that you strictly supervise this part of the activity. If you are concerned that your child has eaten something that they shouldn’t have, then please seek medical advice.

To extend the activity further get the kids involved in cleaning up. They can help to scoop the used ingredients into the bin, wipe down the table and wash and dry the bowls and utensils.

For more messy fun with shaving foam check out our Tuff Spot – Shaving Foam Sheep 


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