Monthly Goals:March

monthly goals march 2015

Wow it’s March already, how did that happen? I
think we are all grateful to finally be waving goodbye to winter and
are looking ahead to the warmer days of spring. Spring offically began
here in Ireland back on February 1st, but it has been much more wintery

springlike. We are though now starting to see signs of spring in the gardens
with snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses all starting to wake up and show off
their colours.  


In February I pledged to: 

Broaden the range of topics on my blog – As well
as covering lots of fun arts and crafts ideas, we have also enjoyed baking
Savoury Shamrock Snacks ready for St Patricks Day next month. I have a stack of
recipes I would love to share on the blog, so I am hoping to include a least
one a month. I have also joined up to co-host the Family Frugal Linky every
Thursday, which is providing me with another opportunity to chat about other
activities and interests that I have outside of arts and crafts. 

how to make savoury shamrocks
Ideal party or playdate snack


Do something for myself once a week – My daugther
had her nursery start date delayed as she came down with a sickness bug the day
before she was due to start, so I have only had 4 mornings to
myself so far,  but it has been lovely to go for
walks along the sea front on my own and just to do the supermarket shopping in
peace. This week i m going out with a friend for brunch, which i m really
looking forward too.
Introduce the kids to famous artists – We took a
family trip to IMMA and kept an open mind as to how it would go. We armed the
kids with pencils and clipboards so that they could draw as we went round if
they wanted and they loved it. The boys asked lots of questions and the museum
staff were very welcoming and helpful at directing us away from the less child
friendly exhibits. Since going to the museum we have purchased some kids art
books and we have done some Joan Miro inspired doodle art and Matisse style cut
outs. These will be up on the blog soon

kids matisse style cut out art
Matisse cutouts by the kids


Get organised for the mid-term break – we had a
lovely mid–term break filled with a different activity every day to keep the
kids entertained and busy. We had a great trip out to Imaginosity, went to see
Shaun the Sheep at the cinema, had a playdate, went to the beach and made a
colourful collaborative rainbow collage.
In March I pledge to: 

Have a Spring Cleanse – In winter you crave hot
stodgy food to keep you warm and cheer you up on the long dark days, but now
it’s starting to feel like Spring my body is starting to crave a cleaner diet.
I plan to make more salads, soups and smoothies for lunch this month and our
evening meals will start to include more vegetables and less meat and sugary


Up my game on social media – this month i really
want to start to get my head around G+ and really focus on my growing my
Facebook page. 
Publish a weekly newsletter – I have just set up
a mailing list over on Mail Chimp and I plan to send out a weekly newsletter
to include details of what activities we’ve been doing on the blog, what other
blogs I have been reading, exclusive hints and tips for arts and crafts and
social media and sneak peaks of what I have coming up. 
Get ready for Easter – we like to make all of our
Easter cards by hand, so we will have to get started on these soon, so we can get
them all made in time. I have a few ideas in mind and will see what ideas the
kids have as well.
Learn how to do Lego – my sons in particular love
playing with their lego and my daughter is showing an interest now, so I am
going to have to bite the bullet and have a go myself with them. I have an idea on how to
incorporate some art into their lego activities and I hope to report back on
this next month if all goes to plan.
Celebrate St Patricks Day – last year my husband
and sons marched in the local parade with their GAA club and they’ve not
decided yet whether they will march again or not. We will certainly be hoping to
at least watch the parade though and go along to the local annual funfair. The
boys were very brave on the rides last year, so i dread to think what they’ll
have us on this year!


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  1. Good luck with the newsletter. It takes a little time to get it all flowing but I'm sure it'll become part of your routine pretty quickly. Lunch with a friend is always great. Looking forward to hearing how the celebrations go this month 🙂

  2. I'm so jealous of your walks along the sea. I used to live along the Oregon coast. It was a bit of heaven. Good luck on your goals! I'm linked up to your party.

  3. Love the art gallery idea, hoping to go to the Guggenheim in Venice with the boys, will have to bring paper and pencils with us for O and A. I need to work on G+ too! I really don't understand it at the moment. 🙂 x

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