National Flower of Ireland: The Origins of the Shamrock

 On seeing a Shamrock you almost always think of Ireland, so famous now is the association between the two. But what actually is a Shamrock and how did it become the National Flower of Ireland?
National flower of Ireland the Shamrock

The National Flower of Ireland: The Shamrock

The names derives from the Irish word seamróg which means “Little Clover”. There is in fact no single species of flower called Shamrock. A Shamrock is basically any examples of Lesser Clover, White Clover,Red Clover, Black Medick and Wood Sorrel which have 3 more or less heart shaped leaves.
And contrary to Irish folklore, they are grown all over the world and not just in Irish soil.
Although disputed by some, the popularity of the Shamrock began back in the 18th Century, when the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick, used it to show the people how God was in fact divided into 3 beings.
Each of the 3 heart shaped leaves of the clover formed the Holy Trinity of “God of Father, God of Son and God of the Holy Spirit.Then during the turbulent political times of the late 18thCentury, the Shamrock was used as an emblem by the Republican Militia, the Irish Volunteers. This firmly rooted the Shamrock as the national symbol and flower of Ireland.
Today it is used by Irish companies on their logos, it is worn by many on their lapel every St Patrick’s Day and it is added to bride’s bouquets to bring them luck.
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The National Flower of Ireland: Shamrock Crafts and Recipes

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National Flower of Ireland The Shamrock
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National Flower of Ireland The Shamrock
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