Top 10 Sunflower Crafts for Kids

10 sunflower crafts for kids

Sunflowers have to be my all time favourite flowers. Such cheerful blooms to have in your garden, so tall and majestic towering over all of the other flowers during the summer.  Seeing them also reminds me of happy holidays with my grandparents over in France, where we used to drive by fields of them all in rows ready to be harvested for their seeds.

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Sunflowers are a great source of inspiration for not only getting kids interested in gardening, but also to get crafty with. Below you will find 10 brilliant activities to get your kids growing and making sunflowers this summer.

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10 Sunflower Crafts for Kids

sunflower crafts
Create these Egg Carton Sunflowers – from Easy Peasy and Fun to cheer up a wall at home this summer.
sunflower crafts
Make a vibrant Paper Plate Sunflower – from In the Playroom
sunflower activity
This is awesome! Build a Sunflower House – from Lets Lasso the Moon. It would make an excellent summer den for the kids to hide out and play in.
sunflower crafts
Get busy with some Hand Print Sunflowers – from Creative Family Fun and use some sunflower seeds to finish off your bright and cheerful paintings.
sunflower crafts
We couldn’t mention sunflowers without including some Van Gogh Sunflowers – from Here Come the Girls
sunflower crafts
Make Sunflower Height Recorders – from Crafty Kids at a Home  to record how tall your kids are this summer.
Take a sheet of contact paper and turn it into Sunflower Suncatcher – from Clare’s Little Tots
sunflower activity
Celebrate Eric Carle Sunflowers – from Rainy Day Mum with some handprint petals on a sunflower collage.
sunflower faces
Cheer up  dying sunflowers by making some Sunflower Faces – from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots
growing sunflowers
Learn all about Growing Sunflowers – from Nurture Store
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