Print and Paint Pumpkins


Does your child love to paint? Then try our fun Print and Paint Pumpkins Art Project this Halloween. It uses q-tips instead of brushes, making it an ideal activity to work on creativity and developing strong fine motor skills.

Print and Paint Pumpkins Art Project

Art Projects for Kids

Painting is a firm favourite around here. It’s quick and easy to set up and the number of activities and masterpieces you can produce are endless. It’s a brilliant activity to set for kids of all ages to enjoy doing together, which is what Crafty Kids at Home is all about.

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Fine Motor Skills

It’s really important to giveĀ of the small muscles in your growing child’s hands, fingers and wrists a regular workout. This is essential for the development of their fine motor skills. Strong fine motor skills are needed to help them with every day tasks as they grow up such as:

  • Being able to independently fasten their clothes and tie their shoe laces.
  • Cut up their own food and open school lunch boxes.
  • Grip a pencil properly.

Print and Paint Pumpkins Art Project

Potato Printing is a childhood painting staple that I still remembering enjoying (I bet you remember doing it as well don’t you?). And it’s something my own kids really enjoy doing. What could be simpler than chopping a potato in half, dipping it in paint and stamping it all over a sheet of paper? You could even add in a few more vegetables into the painting mix as well if you wanted?


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  • Potatoes
  • Paper plates
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Q-tips

Potato Print Pumpkins

Chop potatoes in half and load up a plate with orange paint to get your started.

Stand back and watch your kids have fun getting messy dipping the potatoes into the paint and then stamping them all over a sheet of white paper.

Painting Potato Print Pumpkins

Next for the really fun part…

Load up another paper plate with black and green paint and grab a handful of q-tips.

Decorating potato print pumpkins

Encourage your kids to use them to create silly, scary or crazy faces on their potato print pumpkin shapes.

Pumpkin Faces Art Project

Activity Extension Ideas

If your kids want to carry on painting why not try Potato Print Ghosts of Monsters. Repeat the same process, just use different coloured paints.

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